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Freshly Squeezed - A blog from Juice Beauty

Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil Q&A

January 17, 2014

Does water cleanse better than oil?
Unlike water, the Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil gently but powerfully dissolves impurities. Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil also effectively removes makeup.

Will an oil clog my pores and cause breakouts?
No, oils are actually great for oily prone skin because like attracts like – the oils in this cleanser will actually attract any naturally produced oil and effectively cleanse without clogging your pores. Also, non-petroleum based oil balances skin’s natural oil, is not laced with potentially harmful chemicals, and can cleanse without stripping the skin. Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil maintains skin’s natural balance.

How will my face feel after using an oil?
The Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil will purify and balance your skin’s natural moisture balance and lock in hydration for soft, supple skin. Try our warm washcloth spa method and just feel how smooth your face feels! For a luxurious spa-like cleanse, pump oil directly onto a warm, damp washcloth. Gently massage in circular motions, then rinse well with warm water. Finish by covering face with a warm, damp, washcloth. Pat dry.

Will the Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil remove makeup?
The Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil effectively but gently removes all makeup including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. To remove makeup, pump a small amount onto a moist cloth or tissue and gently wipe makeup away.

Is the Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil Gluten-Free and Vegan?
The Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil is Gluten-Free and Vegan and contains Certified Organic Ingredients.

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