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3 Steps to Instant Results with our Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift (Video)

June 5, 2014

Tired eyes and dark circles? Battling puffiness? Unwanted under-eye bags? Make them disappear with our new Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift which lifts contours, plumps,and hydrates in 10 minutes. Check out our How To Use video below and you’ll see that bright, revitalized eyes are as easy as 1,2,3!

How to Use It:

1. Open & Pour: Open foil packs and pour entire contents of one vial of Activator
fluid on the two eye masks for soaking.

2. Apply: Once fully saturated, apply to under eye area for 10 minutes. Apply
the mask close but not in the eye.

3. Instant Results: Remove and see hydrated eyes. Follow with Juice Beauty’s Stem
Cellular Eye Treatment.

You’re on your way to brighter eyes!

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