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Juice Beauty Blog – Organic Beauty for Your Body

Microbeads Ban Update

March 12, 2015


You may have seen the recent news about Colorado and the proposed bill to ban on products containing microbeads, plastic particles commonly used in conventional beauty and personal care products.

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Double Cleanse — Organically

March 10, 2015


organic double cleanse

Have you heard of the double cleanse? It’s an Asian-inspired cleansing technique gaining popularity in the U.S. Essentially, you’re cleansing your face twice, which deep cleans; and with the right cleansers, you won’t strip and dry your skin. Thus, revealing a more radiant you!

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The Mighty Serum

March 3, 2015

Juice Beauty Serums

When it comes to treating your skin, having the right serum is a must.  Serums are essential to your AM and PM skin care routine because of the higher concentration of active ingredients to give your skin the nutrient boost it craves, and it really prepares your skin for the moisturizers. What’s more, with consistent use the mighty serum can optimize the skin results you’re aiming for in your skin care regimen.

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The Best Nighttime Skin Care Regimen for Daytime Glow

February 25, 2015

Nightly Skincare beauty-tip

Great night time skin care is essential for waking up to bright, glowing skin each and every day.

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50 Shades of Green

February 20, 2015

At Juice Beauty our favorite color is green, so we’ve rounded up 50 various ways to green your life every day – aptly titled 50 Shades of Green (don’t worry, the content is totally G-rated).

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Say Hello to Brighter Eyes!

February 17, 2015

The windows to your soul….Often, the first thing one notices about someone is their eyes. Are they bright? Trusting? Hydrated? And often, our customers start on a serious skincare regimen when they start noticing the first sign of fine lines around their eyes. Not surprisingly, it’s a more popular concern during the winter months because […]

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From Farm to Face with Juice Beauty

February 14, 2015

We love green apples for many reasons…from the rich green color that brightens even the dreariest of days to the many vitamins and nutrients found in this delectable fruit. Not only will it give your diet a health boost but it can also rejuvenate your skin! Malic Acid, sourced from organic apples, is a core ingredient in Juice Beauty’s […]

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The Key to Radiant Face and Hands

February 10, 2015

When we think of radiant skin, our face is often the first place we consider. But, our hands are often the first place we start to see the first signs of aging? Our beloved, bestselling GREEN APPLE™ Peel was designed to brighten, lighten and tighten skin complexion.  Karen, our Founder, would apply this product on her hand […]

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The Perfect Pout

February 3, 2015

Looking for the perfect juicy pout this Valentine’s Day? We have a beauty tip just for you! Our Juice Beauty experts recommend exfoliating your lips to remove dull, dry skin and unveil younger-looking, smoother lips before applying your favorite lip moisturizer and color.  Our Exfoliating Cleanser is a sulfite-free cleanser that gently exfoliates with dissolving […]

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A Juice Beauty Tip for a Younger-Looking Neck

January 27, 2015

So often, we forget about our neck area in our daily skincare routine and focus more on our face. Unfortunately, our neck can often be the first place we begin to see our age! Ever hear of “turkey neck?”  Gobble that gone…let’s avoid that situation. This is one of many reasons we’re thrilled to have added […]

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