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Freshly Squeezed - A blog from Juice Beauty

The Perfect Pout

February 3, 2015


The Perfect Juicy Pout

The Perfect Juicy Pout

Looking for the perfect juicy pout this Valentine’s Day? We have a beauty tip just for you!

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A Juice Beauty Tip for a Younger-Looking Neck

January 27, 2015

STEM CELLULAR Lifting Neck Cream

So often, we forget about our neck area in our daily skincare routine and focus more on our face. Unfortunately, our neck can often be the first place we begin to see our age! Ever hear of “turkey neck?”  Gobble that gone…let’s avoid that situation.

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6-week Boot Camp for Your Eyes

January 20, 2015
STEM CELLULAR™ Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask #BeautyTipTuesday

STEM CELLULAR™ Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask #BeautyTipTuesday

How often has a Friday night arrived and you’re well-worn from a busy week or a long flight, desperate to perk up your tired eyes before a night out with the girls or a date with your favorite someone?

We partnered with renowned San Francisco plastic surgeon, Dr. Carolyn Chang, to create an instant, effective solution for those puffy peepers so you’re always looking your best and brightest for any occasion and not missing a beat in your busy schedule.

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Zem Joaquin Visits Juice Beauty

January 16, 2015
Zem Joaquin gets organic, natural Juice Beauty makeover

Karen Behnke, Juice Beauty Founder, and Zem Joaquin.

We’re thrilled to share our latest podcast featuring Zem Joaquin, founding board member of Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute and Founder of Ecofabulous.

This Eco Pioneer visited Juice Beauty headquarters for a chat with our Founder, Karen Behnke, and a Juice Beauty touch-up.

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The Perfect Winter Glow

January 13, 2015
Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Moisturizer and Perfecting Foundation

Juice Beauty Oil-free Moisturizer, Perfecting Foundation, and STEM CELLULAR™ Moisturizer

Winter may bring rosy cheeks but with it also comes dry skin, which is – let’s face it, ladies – uncomfortable and downright unattractive!

Karen, our Founder and fearless Eco-leader, recently shared a tip with the Juice Beauty team to help banish winter dryness and unveil a healthy, hydrated glow, and we just had to share…

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Happy Holidays from Juice Beauty

December 24, 2014
Happy Holidays from Juice Beauty

Karen Behnke, Founder of Juice Beauty

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Cassandra Bankson and Karen Behnke Talk Natural vs. Organic

December 11, 2014

Wondering about the difference between Organic and Natural and which is better? Online influencer, YouTube star, and model Cassandra Bankson interviewed Juice Beauty Founder, Karen Behnke, to find out!!

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What’s in Your Handbag? Giveaway

December 5, 2014

What's in your handbag Juice Beauty

Every woman has her beauty favorites, those go-to items that she’d be lost without. We thought it would be fun to find out what our Juice Beauties carry in their handbags!

For inspiration, we snapped a picture of what our Founder, Karen, has with her on a daily basis.

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From ‘Pink Washing’ to Authentically Pink , A Note From Karen

October 13, 2014

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and if you’re like me, you’re seeing pink everywhere from every company imaginable. Though I love seeing so much support and awareness being rallied for such an important health issue, I’m surprised that companies simply place pink on their packaging and donate some money to Breast Cancer organizations once a year, while there may be ingredients in their products that have been linked to unhealthy effects. I’d love to know what you think – let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

All of the unnecessary chemicals in beauty products might cause problems for women’s health.  You can find an extensive list of chemicals you will NOT find in Juice Beauty products HERE.

I wanted to lay something out that’s pretty simple, and so important, to understand what happens with these chemicals and how a harmful chain happens. Here’s how it goes…

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Introducing our Green Apple Peel Nightly Brightening Pads!

September 2, 2014


We know you love our GREEN APPLE™ Peel (did we mention patented, award winning and instant results?)… and wish you could use it every day. Well now you can with our new GREEN APPLE™ Peel Nightly Brightening Pads!

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