GREEN APPLE Peel Nightly Brightening Pads

GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Skincare

Help brighten, smooth and tone while reducing the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. These luxurious, eco-friendly bamboo pads are saturated with antioxidant-rich organic fruit acids to brighten while extracts of algae, Vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots and discoloration, for optimum age-defying results.

Size:60 count 2.16 in (55 mm)
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Who Should Use It?

The Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE™ Peel Nightly Brightening Pads are designed for all skin types (except sensitive skin), 20's and up and are effective for helping dark spots, discoloration, uneven skin tone & texture. NOTE: the Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Collection is not designed for very sensitive or rosacea skin due to the alpha/beta hydroxy fruit acids--if you have this type of skin, see the Daily Essentials Collection.


  • Helps brighten and reduce the appearance of dark spots & discoloration with antioxidant-rich organic fruit acids (malic from organic green apples) and dulse algae.
  • Helps correct skin tone and texture with Vitamin B3, organic sugar cane and licorice root.
  • Creates a plumping effect & improves skin’s moisture with hyaluronic acid.
  • Eco-Friendly bamboo pads for sustainable exfoliation.

Powerful Action Without

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Malic Acid, Apple Juice (Organic) Malic Acid, Apple Juice (Organic) (pyrus malus) Rich in vitamins, potent malic alpha-hydroxy acids, phytonutrients, flavonoids, phenols; and provides powerful antioxidant activity to help promote beautiful skin.
Algae (red) Algae (red) (dulse algae) Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. A powerful antioxidant that can be beneficial for damaged skin with dark spots.
Vitamin B3 Vitamin B3 (vitamin B3) Can help minimize the appearance of dark spots to promote healthy looking skin.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic juices of pyrus malus (organic apple juice)*, citrus medica limonum (organic lemon juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), organic vegetable glycerin*, gluconolactone, polysorbate - 20, palmaria palmata (red dulse algae extract), saccharum officinarum (organic sugar cane extract)*, citrus medica limonum (lemon extract), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange fruit extract), pyrus malus (apple extract), aloe barbadensis (aloe extract), cucumis sativus (organic cucumber extract)*, sodium benzoate, caprylyl/ capryl glucoside, sodium hydroxide, camellia sinensis (organic black tea leaf extract)*, potassium sorbate, glycyrrhiza glabra (organic licorice root extract), arctostaphylos uva ursi (bearberry leaf extract), sodium hyaluronate

* = Certified organic ingredient


After cleansing with the Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE™ Brightening Gel Cleanser, apply pad in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. (Mild flushing and tingling are normal.) Do not rinse. Follow with the Juice Beauty GREEN APPLE™ Age Defy Serum.

Additional Information:

Skin Type: Normal, Mature, Combination, Dry
Skin Concern: Wrinkles, Sun Damage, General Health

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

I'm In Love

Review By:Staci - Blogger, Permed to Natural on 9/20/2015


These pads are doing wonders for my 49-year-old brown skin. My face looks youthful, brighter and I think my dark circles are lightening up a bit. In addition, my uneven skin tone areas are coming together nicely. Because I have sensitive skin other reviews made me a little nervous about trying this product but I am ultimately glad I took a chance. I saved the white lid cap and the pads stay moist. This product is perfect! Thank you!

Completely dried out

Review By:Danielle on 7/10/2015


I only had these for a few months before they completely dried out. I agree with the other posters that there is not enough liquid to begin with , but now there is none and the 2/3 of the pads that are left are completely useless. Very upsetting especially given that these cost $45!

Do not waste your money on this product.

Pads Like Tissue Paper

Review By:Suzan on 7/3/2015


I love most Juice Beauty products. I think the ingredients are always superior. The problem with this product is the delivery system. I agree with what everyone else is saying about the pads. The only way I can work with these is to use several pads at once, then throw away the top one or two that have residue on them. I accidentally ordered two of these, so I'm working my way through them but I won't order again unless they come up with better pads. I'd be happy with the product as a toner and just use my own organic cotton pads!

Not Convinced

Review By:Stephanie on 6/17/2015


I received a sample of these at Ulta after buying some other Juice Beauty Products. If I remember correctly there were about 10 in the sample package. I used them every night before bed and perhaps 10 is not enough to comment on the effectiveness of this product...but I am not convinced that they do anything. I do use the Green Appe Cleansing Gel, so perhaps this enough to even out my skin tone. I feel very neutral about these pads but they might do wonders for someone else! I love all of the other Juice Beuaty products that I've tried and am a Juice Beauty addict!!


Review By:CM on 6/13/2015


The peel pads are great to use when traveling or when you don't have time to use the green apple peel. I prefer the peel but these are nice to use when I am not using the peel.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

Review By:Sandy Bonesteel on 6/11/2015


I really like the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. It makes my face feel refreshed. A very clean, smooth feeling afterwards. My skin feels much softer after using it. I've noticed that my makeup doesn't look as much like makeup just sitting on my face. Must be because the dulling, dead surface skin has been removed to reveal the healthier skin underneath.

Finally a remedy for those annoying brown spots!

Review By:Lili on 6/11/2015


Using the refreshingly scented pads has visibly reduced the discoloration on my skin and I'm not even finished with the first jar. I love using the Green Apple Peel Nightly Brightening Pads and I love what they do for my skin!

Pads need improvement

Review By:Melba on 6/11/2015


I was very excited when this product came out and immediately ordered it. Was very disappointed in the quality of the pads, they are small and super thin and roll up in your hand when you use them. I had to constantly unroll them each time I used them which lead to a very frustrating experience. This has the potential to be a great product but they need to fix the pads. If you want to get it right research the pads PeterThomaaRoth uses, they are amazing! If they fix the pads I will repurchase, if not I won't waste my money again. Also, could use a little more product in the jar as well, felt the pads dried out too quickly, which says a lot given the fact the pads are so thin!

Better than my dermatologists' brand

Review By:Melissa on 6/11/2015


I visited a local dermatologist a few years ago who started me on a handful of (expensive!) products to improve my skin tone. One of them was a nightly brightening pad similar to these from her own line of skincare. I didn't feel great about buying from her or using a ton of products with unknown ingredients. I was skeptical as to whether Juice Beauty's pads would work, but took the chance and won't ever go back. These work. I see the same or better results from using Juice Beauty's product and feel much better about the purchase and the ingredients. These pads do wonders to even out my skin tone, brightening and evening out scars and sun spots. Other reviewers talk about the pads being flimsy and drying out quickly. Save the white jar cap that comes inside the jar lid. It helps maintain the product moisture. Store the jar upside down once in a while to re-wet the top pads. Spread a pad across three flat fingers and gently stroke over your skin. They'll be perfect down to the last one. I follow with a sprits of rose water and my regular moisturizer and feel completely refreshed!


Review By:Sarah on 5/6/2015


I am never compelled to write reviews, but this product was such a disappointment, I had to make an exception. Let me start by saying, I am a HUGE fan of Juice Beauty products, and so when these pads came out, I was really excited to try them. But, I was so disappointed in the quality of the product. The pads are so flimsy, they curl up in my hand. Forget about trying to use them on my face. Second, they dry up quickly. And finally, there has been no noticeable difference in my skin. These pads are definitely not worth it!


Review By:Meaghan on 2/24/2015


Finally an option for my skin that works. I don't have a complicated beauty regimen (wash my face in the shower, moisturize when I get out) and was looking to find an easy way to update my routine. This is so easy, takes seconds to apply, and I have already seen a huge difference in my pigmentation for the better. Although I understand all skins are unique, I'm happy I found an option for mine. (dry skin 3 weeks out of the month, oily during that special one week) I get cystic acne only during my period and it has caused scaring...this product has already helped diminish the spots on my VERY fair skin. Thank you!


Review By:Leslie on 2/13/2015


I actually work for a beauty retailer that sells Juice beauty. I am given tons of products to try and never really have to buy anything skincare related. Juice is a popular line in our store and we have an AMAZING rep for the brand. She left me a weeks worth of this product. Now I am 30 years old and fair skin that never gets any sun. I have been addicted to skincare for over 10 years. My skin is as great as it can possibly be but after a week of using these, I noticed a difference in my fine forehead lines and the pores on my cheeks. Which is rare for me since I dont really have any skin issues. I will be purchasing this item tomorrow because now I cant go without it. This says a lot because I have tons of products already that claim the same but I was that impressed. I have had women comes to me in tears and hug me over the amazing things that Juice Beauty has done for them. One lady I didnt even recognize after 2 weeks use. She even brought her husband in to thank me for setting her up in this regimen. Happy to see this line growing and giving women and men happy, healthy skin!.

Some flaws in product

Review By:Kristine on 2/11/2015


I think the ingredients on the pads work well, however the pads have very little product on them and seem quite dry. It seems necessary to use several pads due to the dryness and because the pads are so thin they just roll up when you try to wipe them on your skin. I hope they make some adjustments to the product, otherwise I will probable not purchase again.

Positive results on 67 year old skin!

Review By:Rn_running on 12/16/2014


These pads are gentle yet amazing. I started getting brown spots, especially on my hands, a few on my face. And my skin lost its brightness. So I started using Juice Beauty products which I love. This product has faded out many brown spots, and some have disappeared. My skin looks bright, healthy and my pores have tightened. My skin is not as reactive as it was. I love this product and now I am almost using Juice Beauty exclusively. I just tried the bar of soap which complements this product, and I love the way it lathers and cleans my skin. Congratulations, JUICE BEAUTY

Not for me

Review By:Eve on 11/18/2014


I absolutely love the full strength apple peel so I tried these out. Not for my skin type. My skin became so congested after just a few days of use. As others have mentioned, they're a little drier than expected but that's due to them being bamboo pads. But when I was using them I didn't really notice a difference right away the way some other reviewers said. My skin can be a little fickle (although I would not describe it as "sensitive") so I kept using them and it just wasn't worth it. I feel like my skin even looked a little duller in those few days of use. Luckily 2 days after I stopped my skin bounced back to normal. I'll stick to my Green Apple Peel, thank you.


Review By:Sam Marie on 11/17/2014


I am amazed at how much my skin loves these pads! I have very sensitive skin so I hesitated to try these but I am glad I did. They do not seem too strong for my 47 year old skin: no breakouts, no peeling whatsoever, no redness. It's helped reduce the appearance of some scars and over-pigmented spots on my face, which I didn't even expect but am thrilled about. I am on my second jar and just love it, though I know it might not work for every skin type. After using it I finish off with the stem cellular moisturizer and am very happy with the results.


Review By:erin on 10/10/2014


I was already a fan of Juice's peels so i decided to give these a try. I have to say I'm absolutely loving them. While they are not as moist as other pads I've tried they do an amazing job of making my skin look brighter and have even helped keep hormonal blemishes at bay. I did call their customer service team about the pads as i'm used to something more moist, they explained that because the pad is made from bamboo and not cotton and it can't be overly wet. They also said the bamboo gives you exfoliation as well. Whatever, all i know is that it's working!!! Definitely recommend!

Not for me

Review By:kim on 9/26/2014


My skin had a great response to the green apple peel so I thought these would be great for my skin. Unfortunately they are not. I have used the pads nightly for a week and my skin has broken out with acne and become very flaky. I typically have oily acne prone skin but this acne is painful and different than a normal breakout for me. The flakiness is also very unusual considering my oily skin. I enjoy many Juice Beauty products but this is not one of them.

Pads are nearly dry

Review By:Sara on 9/21/2014


My complaint is that there is very little product on each pad, they are actually almost dry. I am wondering if other users have had this experience or did I just get a jar that hadn't been sealed correctly?

You may need to use with caution - even if you ...

Review By:Jennifer on 9/18/2014


I enjoy these quite a bit, and I actually use several other green apple products, so this collection isn't new to me. However, they are very strong, and I don't even have overly sensitive skin. I'd say they are even stronger than the full strength peel, which I have used previously without issue. When I got these I used them every night for the first five days and my skin literally peeled off. It was painful and not pretty. I have switched to using them every other day, and I actually use it in the morning. That is more than enough, and it gives my face a nice glow for day. I like them so far. I believe I am older than the target age range for this line (I'm 39), but these products work nicely for me and I've loved the improvements I've seen in my skin.

Love It!

Review By:MJ on 9/8/2014


It helps clear up my pores and tightens my skin. Love it.

Amazing product! Love it!

Review By:Melissa on 9/8/2014


I've only used these pads for about four nights and I can already see a decrease in blemishes and acne scarring! I'm so ecstatic with this product, my skin has an overall glow now and I can't wait to see more results as I keep using them! This product is super easy to use and it smells great and refreshing. I think this product is definitely worth the price tag and anybody (in the recommended range) should give this a try. This will definitely stay a part in my beauty regiment! And it's a huge bonus to know there are no harsh chemicals in these products and that they are completely organic! So many benefits in one jar of peel pads!

Love these peel pads!

Review By:Lizzie on 9/4/2014


I just received my Green Apple Peel Pads and I have to say even after using them only once, I love them! I already love Juice Beauty's green apple full strength peel, and these were even easier to use. I applied a peel pad after washing my face and my skin looked brighter and felt smoother with the exfoliation from the pad. I can't wait to use the rest of the jar up!

Already in love!

Review By:Catie on 9/3/2014


Just got these and already love them! I've only used two times but love the way they give my skin that "clean" feeling. They also make my skin look brighter just like with the peel. Can't wait to see the long term results!!

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Our Difference - Why Juice?

Why Juice?

The difference? Instead of conventional beauty formulations that dilute with added water or use petroleum derivatives such as butylene or propylene glycols that can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice base and then add powerful skin care and makeup ingredients. Formulations packed with nutrients so every antioxidant-rich drop can feed your skin.

Radically Transforming the Chemistry of Beauty

Advanced high potency ingredients
Vitamin C and fruit stem cells, phyto-pigments, vegetable hyaluronic acid, peptides, algae, grapeseed, and natural essentials oils.

Proprietary base of nutrient-rich certified organic botanical juices
Instead of petroleum byproducts or water fillers.

Powerful action formulated without
Parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, dimethicones, coal tar, gluten, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

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