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Lash Defining Mascara

Size:0.21 oz.
In Stock
  • Lash Defining Mascara, Black


Define lashes naturally for long lasting, clump-free perfection.  Rich cocoa and avocado butters leave lashes soft and lush while mineral pigments infused with Vitamin E and organic botanical extracts protect lashes all day long. The sleek tapered brush allows for full reach to every single lash for flawless separation and definition.

Who Should Use It?

Juice Beauty’s Defining Mascara is designed for all skin types to look and feel beautiful.


  • Minerals define and provide rich color.
  • Organic cocoa and avocado butters leave lashes soft.
  • Vitamin E protects the lashes.
  • Vegetable glycerin conditions and helps separate to give lashes a natural definition.

Powerful Action Without

Our formulations are made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Organic botanical extracts of serenoa repens (organic saw palmetto extract)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe extract)*, euphorbia cerifera (candelilla wax), triisostearyl citrate, hydrogenated glyceryl abietate, brassica campestris/aleurites fordi oil copolymer, copernicia cerifera (organic carnauba wax)*, vegetable glycerin, theobroma cacao (organic cocoa seed butter)*, persea gratissima (avocado butter), methylcellulose, xanthan gum, tocopherol (Vitamin E), sodium hyaluronate (vegetable hyaluronic acid), ethylhexylglycerin, phenethyl alcohol. May contain titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides.

* = Certified organic ingredient


Use on clean, dry lashes.  Gently brush on lashes from root to tip in long lifting strokes. Let dry between applications.

Additional Information:

Skin Concern: General Health

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

Amazing lashes!

Review By:Elizabeth on 3/14/15


I recently started using your entire skin care line. I was attracted by it being cruelty free, and stayed because it has done amazing things for my skin! So....I figured I'd give the makeup a try. I have the hardest time finding a mascara that doesn't end up smudged under my eye. This mascara doesn't do that and makes my already long lashes look even better. I love this mascara! No clumping or smudging. Love, love, love!

What a mess!!

Review By:Paulette on 11/27/14


I love your skincare products, so I tried your makeup. The mascara packaging is not good. After a day of use, I had a big mess. Controlling the amount of product that goes on the wand was impossible. I purchased the item from Ulta and did not keep the receipt, so unfortunately this will have to go in the trash. Very disappointed.


Review By:Maureen on 11/22/14


I have been using this mascara for a few weeks now. I have finally found a mascara that does not smudge! Juice beauty has done a great job with this mascara!!

Great product - horrible tube

Review By:Julie Levine on 10/18/14


I was very surprised with the results. Usually "green" mascara flakes off and leaves a mess on your face. This one stayed on! Problem was with the tube. After buying three different ones (and seeing the tester at Ulta was the same way) I had to buy another brand. The thingy that squeezes the excess mascara off the brush kept on breaking so the brush came out all goopy. I think Juice Beauty can do better than this. The product is the hard part, not the tube! I hope it gets fixed!

Great mascara for sensitive eyes!

Review By:Andrea on 9/15/14


Let me start by saying that I have very sensitive eyes and tried many different mascaras in the past. I love the fact that this mascara is natural and makes my eyes look natural! The brush works just fine, does not clump and puts just the right amount of mascara on my eyes. I have read reviews about it being too watery or that it dries out easily….. I can not agree with any of that. Another great Juice Beauty product!

Nice natural look

Review By:Dawn on 9/14/14


This is a nice mascara, that gives a very natural look. If you are looking for a mascara that gives a more dramatic look, this isn't the mascara for you. If you are looking for a more natural look, I would say this would be a perfect choice. I was happy that it didn't irritate my eyes, but personally was looking for a mascara that would add a little more thickness to my lashes, so I ended up returning it. Great product though!!

Nice Mascara

Review By:Melissa on 9/9/14


After reading some of the other reviews, I was a little hesitant to try the mascara, but I ended up really liking it. It gives a very beautiful color without causing my lashes to clump together. I will say that the wand could be improved, as it often grabs too much product, but I simply wipe a little off on the edge of the container. This product is great at adding volume and color and I love that the ingredients are much safer if they get in my eyes.

Lovely Mascera

Review By:Anita on 9/8/14


I love how the Mascera feels in my hand as I use it. The weight of the brush is so professional and the glide and texture of the Mascera is excellent. Does not flake, make your eyes itch or clump. I do see a little under my eyes by the end of the day but for such a natural product, that's actually very impressive. I ve been GF for 10 years and I am a Mascera snob. Lol. It's lovely.

long lashes

Review By:Rachyl on 9/8/14


This is my favorite mascara I have tried! It adds the perfect amount of both length and definition. I never need to use another mascara on top because this one fulfills all of my needs. It also never clumps, which is a plus for my long work days. It is great to know that I can have a real product that is really good for me. Chemical filled makeup makes me break out! Love it!

Great Mascara!

Review By:Amanda on 9/8/14


I'm a huge fan of this mascara, I have been using it now for about 2 months. I work for an optometrist and know how difficult it can be to find makeup for sensitive eyes. I love how easy this one goes on and last all day. Also I personally have had problems with mascara running into my under eye creases, but this one doesn't! Granted this isn't a waterproof mascara, but I'm okay with that because it makes it that much easier to take off. Waterproof mascaras are great but if you don't get it all off that's were people like me, with sensitive eyes, can run into trouble. Long story short, my new favorite mascara!

Fabulous Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Review By:Debbie 9/8/2014 on 9/8/14


Since my eyes are extremely sensitive, I can't use most mascaras because they burn. Lash Defining Mascara is WONDERFUL! My lashes are longer than they ever have been! It goes on evenly without forming a goopy, sticky mess. If I want a thicker lash, I simply apply more layers and get dark, thick lashes. I can keep it on all day & into the evening & it still looks great! Best of all my eyes feel great too!

Great product, needs a better wand

Review By:Paula on 8/10/14


This is a really nice mascara. I like that it's not thick and sticky but light and easy to layer even after it's dried fully. It doesn't smudge but still washes off easily. Love it - but the packaging is an issue. I had to go and buy another mascara with the kind of wand I like and swap it out because the wand that comes with it doesn't give a nice, fine application. I like the smaller bristled, rubber wands and I think most other people do too based on the other reviews I'm reading. The silver tube is very nice so it's a shame to have a funny looking, mismatched top. (also the label wore off after a few weeks, not so good for branding JB!) I'll still order this again because it's that good, but I'll be using the other wand again.


Review By:Katie on 8/7/14


I love this mascara. It does a really good job considering it's not full of any of the harsh chemicals. Obviously you don't get the really full look but I think it's pretty comparable. With the popular cosmetic companies my eyes always burn by the end of the day but not with this. I had the same issue with the wand of the mascara getting very goopey and a whole bunch of product all the way up it after a few days use. After wasting a lot of product I found that if you shake it really good it goes back to normal and I haven't had the problem since! About to reorder for a second time.

Doesn't have a wow factor

Review By:Nanci Moll on 5/27/14


I normally love Juice Beauty products and their philosophy, but not this mascara. It doesn't do much beyond coloring the lashes and for the price it's not worth that. I never really felt like I had mascara on as it does nothing to lengthen the lashes. They need to work on improving this product. On the positive side it doesn't clump and removes easily but I can't really justify that as reason to purchase.

Great Mascara!!!

Review By:Tanis on 5/4/14


I am very pleased with this mascara. No flaking, no watery eyes, stays put, long wearing, easily removed with the cleansing milk, and very conditioning. Overall I am very happy with this product. A good natural mascara is a tall order and this one did the trick for me. Just a couple of suggestions to push it over the top....a fuller 'teddy bear' style brush to provide better coverage in one swoop and providing a brown option would be a nice alternative for days when a less dramatic look is desired.


Review By:Robin on 4/30/14


The product is absolutely wonderful! I've experienced no problems as mentioned in other reviews. Goes on smoothly, washes off clean, no raccoon eyes. When applying there is no clumping. If you are looking for a mascara to lift & curl, then this product is not for you. Just knowing that the product is made with "certified organic" ingredients should inspire one to purchase & try. Why would anyone want to put petrol chemical ingredients to their eyes?

Poorly functioning mascara

Review By:Kathryn on 3/23/14


After the first few applications the wand stopped squeezing the excess mascara. I haven't used it since, maybe I can try a quick fix like the below post, but wish I didn't have to in the first place! I would purchase this mascara again ONLY if the tube/wand is properly fixed. Disappointing.

Good Mascara, Bad Wand/Tube

Review By:Mya on 3/10/14


After a couple days of using this mascara the bottle stopped "squeezing" excess mascara off of the wand so it was just a big mess all over the wand. It was really disappointing. But I got a different mascara that was empty and I put my wand in there to wipe of the extra mascara. Doing this works for me and so it is usable now. However it is a big inconvenience and I will not be repurchasing.

More colors!

Review By:Susan on 2/26/14


Great product! Now I'd like to see it in brown! (Black is too harsh for some of us.)

Not Enough Coverage

Review By:Donna Gadbaw on 2/9/14


I think that this mascara would work better with a different style brush on the wand. It takes a long time to get the coverage I want because I have to apply too many layers.

Pleasantly Surprised!

Review By:Amy on 2/8/14


I was a little concerned about purchasing this mascara, all the other reviews seemed to say that the brush gunks up too fast. I have to disagree, I think that the formula of this mascara is a little thinner overall, so the excess on the brush goes on nicely. I have long, unruly eyelashes and this mascara seems to hydrate and calm my already long lashes, but coats them with a very nice dark shade and lasts all day long. No clumps, runs, or irritation. Another win!

Almost great

Review By:Tori on 1/27/14


I am having similar issues to what many are describing, too much product on the want. I did contact the company and they were great. They told me that the mascara wiper may have not been looked in place during production. She gave me a potential fix, but it doesn't seem to be working. I did buy a second tube for my daughter and it is having the same issue. I think there is a real problem with the packaging for this mascara and I am relieve it isn't just me. Other than that, I do like the product....unfortunately this issues makes it unusable.


Review By:Danielle McFadden on 1/27/14


I love this mascara....its safe...it applies well and is not goopey. Some have said its too runny but mine is not runny at all. I even bought some for my mom!

Great Mascara, but ...

Review By:Patricia on 1/23/14


This is a great mascara, but the tube and wand are not the best combination. The mascara itself is fantastic, but the tube and wand did not match the product. Don't get me wrong, I love the product, but it's a little messy. The tube does not wipe the wand, instead if you pull it straight out you get a goopy thick mess. However, after you wipe the wand, the mascara applies nicely, looks great, and lasts all day. I wish I could give it 5 stars, but unfortunately, the tube and wand make it a 4/5. Can't wait to see how Juice Beauty adapts the packaging to match the fantastic product!

Excellent Mascara

Review By:Glenna on 1/23/14


I used to use BadGal Lash, but I wanted something safer more my eyes. This mascara works just as good and I can feel safe knowing I'm not putting harsh chemicals directly near my eyes (inevitably, some of that will end up in my eyes, even if it's just from an eyelash that inadvertently falls in my eye). It doesn't run, but it does come off easily when I use cleansing milk.

So far so good!

Review By:Andrea on 1/15/14


This is my first day using the mascara and it's been good so far! I like that the wand was long because I wear glasses so when I put on eye makeup I have to be super close to the mirror. My lashes curled a bit with the applicator and it didn't get all over my eyes. Its been about 8 hours since I allied and no flakes! I was nervous about the consistency when I first opened the package, but once I stood it up straight, it was like any other mascara. Hopefully this continues to work well!

Awesome Mascara

Review By:Holly on 1/13/14


- The applicator brush is not too thick.
- The mascara does not go on clumpy nor thick. It's the perfect texture.
- It does not clump your eyelashes together.
- It's a good black, not that black that is so dark it looks like you have spiders where your eyelashes should be.
-I use it while working out, cardio and all, and it stays on, no smearing nor irritation. I've used some mascara, that will irritate my eyes when I start to sweat. Not this one.
- No problem taking it off at the end of the day. I just use a wash cloth and water in the shower and off it comes. No pulling on my eyelashes.
- Best of all, this product is natural and cruelty free. Win- win all around.

- The only con I have is that it doesn't come in blue or brown. I'm blonde and usually prefer brown mascara, however, because this black doesn't go on real thick it still looks good on blondes.

I Love It!

Review By:Morgan on 1/10/14


Compared to other mascaras I have tried, this mascara is the only one that has not flaked, smudged, or moved at all throughout the day. It dries very, very fast and is very good quality for an organic mascara. It shocked me how long it stayed on my lashes being from an organic line since organic lines, in my experience, lack a good, long-lasting mascara. This is by far my favorite. One downside is that you MUST hold it upright or else the product will flow into the cap and become a goopy mess as the product is very liquidy in the tube. Another thing I've noticed is that it is very hard to remove at the end of the day, almost waterproof. I tend to avoid waterproof mascaras since they happen to be very harsh on my lashes. I haven't noticed it yet, but it does cause me to be a bit more careful removing this. Also, the product tends to accumulate only in the core of the brush of the wand and barely gets on the bristles which can cause it to get clumpy if you are forcing the wand close to your lashes for extra product. The brush is very soft, but maybe make it a bit denser so that product gets on the bristles and not in the core. Otherwise, it's a wonderful mascara and a definite repurchase.

Great mascara

Review By:Nichole on 1/10/14


Love this mascara! Goes on perfectly and does not clump or run.


Review By:Rachyl on 1/10/14


This mascara definitely took me by surprise! I have been updating my makeup bag with the Juice Beauty line and was hesitant to replace my mascara. I kept the old ones just incase I would be disappointed. This mascara was amazing and definitely surprised me. Some people seem to find it too liquidy, but mostly all mascaras are for the first few applications. This mascara feels better after a long day and goes on flawlessly. I used to use three different brands to get the full look I wanted but now I only need to use this one. This product was an unexpectedly found treasure and a key component of my beauty routine now, whether going for full makeup or light/casual brush on. Its' perfect brush and healthy formula can't be beaten!

somewhat disappointed

Review By:Anetta on 12/11/13


Poorly designed application brush and tube that malfunctions. Occasionally, the ring that supposed to remove the excess of the product gets displaced inside the tube and this is how u get the glop of mascara on the application brush. The application brush does not separate your eyelashes well. However, if you spend considerable amount of time, if u mange to remove the excess and apply the product at least 3 times, and if u use additional tools to separate the eyelashes, u will end up with naturally looking, black color that stays on all day long.

most difficult mascara ever

Review By:lb on 12/3/13


Way too liquidy and globby as other reviewers have said. I've given it several tries, and it becomes a horrible mess. I so wanted to love this mascara like other juice beauty products, but this one needs work. Perhaps the problem is the tube? In any case, it's too difficult to use and a waste of money. :-(

Horrible Mascara

Review By:candlehag on 11/6/13


This product should be pulled from the market. It globs on the brush. I tried putting it back in the tube to get rid of some of it and it just made a big mess. It does not go on nice. It flakes and a few hours after wearing it you need to clean off the mess it makes under your eyes. Very disappointed in this product. I would never buy this product again. It was a complete waste of my money because it is only fit for the trash can.

Top Notch Natural Mascara

Review By:ecochic on 10/14/13


This is by far the best non-waterproof mascara on the market and I've tried them all.

- The applicator brush is not too thick, allowing for easy application that doesn't end up all over your eyelids or upper cheek bones.
- The mascara is a true black
- It doesn't go on thick or end up sticking my eyelashes together in clumps
- It simply coats lightly and dries fast so there is no smudging and can be easily applied in layers to add a little extra natural thickness to your eyelashes
- It holds curl really well!
- Even though it's not technically waterproof, it held up through exercising and applying eye drops throughout the day
- It comes off cleanly and doesn't tug or pull out your lashes at the end of the day
- No toxins or any of that bad stuff. I love that it feeds my lashes with healthy ingredients while making my eyes look amazing.

None! I absolutely love this mascara, it's my new everyday go-to formula!

Ingredients review

Review By:Sara on 10/3/13


I'm disappointed the product contains a compound that is not suitable for nut allergic people. Aleurites fordi oil is a strong cross reactor for people with nut allergies, and I love so many of Juice Beauty's other products that I was hoping this would become a regular purchase of mine. Unfortunately, I cannot try it, and I will continue to get my mascara elsewhere.

I like it but...

Review By:Autumn H on 9/27/13


I like this mascara. It applies well without clumping and looks great on. However, after storing it in my makeup bag in a horizontal position overnight the wand became completely covered in the mascara. Like, every bit of mascara in the tube was now coating the wand. I had to wipe the applicator across the top of the tube several times to get all of the excess product off of the wand. It was weird. I've never had a mascara do that before. So, I assumed if I left the tube standing upright overnight that the product would settle back into the bottom of the tube and I wouldn't have the problem again. I was completely and totally wrong. The next day I had the same problem. I once again had to wipe all the extra product off the wand and back into the tube. Is this normal? Once I remove the excess and apply the mascara it looks just as good as it did before the weird build up thing started happening. I don't know why it's doing that!

Not what I had hoped for...

Review By:Christine on 9/24/13


I was so excited to try this mascara since I've loved all of my Juice Beauty products so far. The first thing I noticed was how liquidy the product was. I had to wipe off a lot of the excess otherwise it would go on way too thick. Instead of separating my lashes, I ended up with more of a "spidery" look. I continued to give it a try, but by day 3 the packing somehow malfunctioned and it no longer squeegees the wand when I take it out. So I end up with an even gloppier wand. That was the point when I gave up. I am giving this 2 stars only because it might just be poor packaging that is causing these issues. The color is great. I didn't notice and flaking or anything. I look forward to the next generation of this product and I hope others had a better experience than me!

Is this supposed to be gluten free?

Review By:Rachel Fuller on 9/20/13


I was so excited to see this because I had been looking for a gluten free mascara for a long time. I went back and checked my gluten ingredient list (the list of names that mean gluten) and Tocopherol is in this mascara. I was so disappointed. I don't know if you guys claimed your mascara was gluten free, but you need to put a label on it saying that it is NOT gluten free.

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