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PomSmooth Shampoo

Size:10 oz.
In Stock

Luxurious and Affordable

Cleanse, repair and hydrate dry , color treated, or damaged hair with this blend of nourishing organic pomegranate and aloe juices, smoothing organic shea, linseed and olive, and gentle plant sudsers.

Who Should Use It?

For normal, dry and color treated hair.

How to Use

Massage gently into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with PomSmooth Conditioner.


Hydrates, cleanses, smoothes and balances hair. Protects color treated hair.

Powerful Action Without

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (aloe barbadensis) Derived from the leaves of the aloe vera plant; rich in glycoproteins and soothing properties, can help improve appearance of fine wrinkles.
Organic Shea Butter (sustainably sourced) Organic Shea Butter (sustainably sourced) (butyrospermum parkii) Derived from the pit of the karite fruit from the mangifolia tree; moisturizes, soothes.
Organic Pomegranate Juice Organic Pomegranate Juice (punica granatum) Antioxidant powerhouse; contains ellagic acid, a polyphenol that can help promote brightness.
Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil (punica granatum) Antioxidant powerhouse; contains ellagic acid, a polyphenol that can promote brightness.
Organic Olive Oil Organic Olive Oil (olea europaea) Deeply moisturizes and helps soften skin.
Organic Borage Seed Oil Organic Borage Seed Oil (borago officinalis) Emollient, antioxidant, rich in gamma linolenic acid.
Organic Linseed Seed Oil Organic Linseed Seed Oil (linum usitatissimum) Emollient; antioxidant; can help protect.
Organic Evening Primrose Oil Organic Evening Primrose Oil (oenothera biennis) Derived from the plant; rich in fatty acids; emollient, nourishes, conditions.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic juices of punica granatum (organic pomegranate juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, vitis vinifera (organic white grape juice)*, sodium cocoate, decyl glucoside, coco-glucoside, glyceryl oleate, vegetable glycerin, capryl hydroxamic acid, caprylyl glycol, guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, botanical extracts of prunus persica (peach extract), vaccinium angustifolium (blueberry extract), organic plant oils of olea euroaea (organic olive oil)*, oenothera biennis (organic evening primrose oil)*, linum usitatissimum (organic linseed oil)*, borago officinalis (organic borage seed oil)*, butyrospermum parkii (organic shea butter)*, oryza sativa (organic rice syrup)*, punica granatum (pomegranate seed oil), panthenol (Vitamin B5), citric acid, sodium cocoyl glutamate, disodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium lauroyl oat amino acids, sodium hydroxide

* = Certified organic ingredient

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review


Review By:Sasha on 6/23/2015


Some organic shampoos I've tried make my hair a bit flat, but this one has been marvelous! Hair feels nice, and the conditioner is nice and thick- you don't need a ton of it, so the conditioner won't run out quicker than the shampoo. Smells great too!

Best shamppo...completely satisfied

Review By: Ray on 5/28/2015


Till date I have tried many organic shampoos. But never got full satisfaction as the product claim. My hair is mostly straight with slight waves and soft. I do root touch up once in a two months. So always tried shampoo that is made for colored hair. When I started using this Pomsmooth shampoo along with the conditioner, I could realize the changes in my hair texture. My hair is now very soft/ silky/ and moreover, looks very very healthy too. Happy that at last I have got the right product for my hair. I can feel that it's truly organic product in nature, free of other harsh chemicals. It's worth to pay little more than spoiling my hair with harsh chemicals. Love it !!!! very much.

Amazing Product

Review By:Molly H. on 4/11/2015


I normally don't do reviews, but I felt the need to take the time to write this. I had been considering the possibility of switching to an all natural product or going to washing my hair with baking soda. This was my first step toward eliminating toxic chemicals from my personal care products. At first I did not see many changes, but I am almost through my first bottle of shampoo and conditioner and I cannot get over how soft, shiny, and healthy my hair looks and feels. I die my hair every few months and I have not been doing the coconut oil deep treatments I normally do because I wanted to get a true impression of the product. So worth the few extra dollars to make a healthier choice!

Works well and GREAT price!

Review By:Katie on 9/8/2014


I have celiac disease and also alopecia areata. My doctor prescribed me a medicated shampoo to help with some issues but I only use that once a week. I was looking for another shampoo that was 100% organic with no parabens or sulfate AND gluten free that didn't break the bank. This shampoo (and I bought conditioner) is perfect! The texture of the shampoo is a little and very liquidity but it doesn't really bother me. My hair always looks so shiny after I use these products. I still can't believe how cheap they are being organic and gluten free. Juice Beauty, please keep these products forever!!!!


Review By:Rachel on 6/25/2014


This is by far the best Shampoo & Conditioner. Leaves my feeling smooth & makes my hair look beautiful when I get out the shower & when my hair dries!

Great Shampoo, Bad Packaging

Review By:Michi on 6/9/2014


Does anyone else feel this way? I love the shampoo itself - I have thick straight Asian hair, the smell is pleasant not too strong, and lathers well. However the tube packaging doesn't suit the product. The shampoo consistency is thin (pleasantly so), but if you invert the tube (with the cap down) it's hard to stop it before flipping the cap back on. If you have it with the cap side up to squeeze the tube, you can squeeze too much product and it's too runny to get back on your hand. I have to put it into another shampoo bottle, which isn't necessarily a problem, but if I didn't like the product so much, I would never buy it again.


Review By:Danielle on 1/30/2014


I live in the country and we use well water. I've noticed that well water is much harsher and it tends to leave a build up in my hair. I bought a clarifying shampoo from my hairdresser and while that somewhat worked, it was very expensive and it only delayed the build up that I would eventually get. I stumbled on JB's website while searching for organic skin care and on a whim, I thought I would try their shampoo also. WOW! After THE FIRST WASH my hair was soft and the build up was completely gone. After the 2nd wash I had an appointment to get my hair cut and even the hairdresser commented on how healthy my hair was! I've never reviewed anything before but this is such an amazing product that I felt I had to give JB their proper kudos!

Smells amazing, but couldn't help me

Review By:christy on 1/28/2014


I feel bad giving this product 3 stars, I don't think it's to blame. My hair is too damaged, I bleach and dye it bright cherry red on a regular basis. I wanted a natural conditioner and shampoo that would tame the frizzy, dry, straw like hair I have. This sorta worked, my hair felt clean unlike some natural shampoos, and it smelled great. Sadly it didn't help with the damage. On the positive side it didn't strip my color like other shampoos.

Amazing smooth hair

Review By:Elvia on 1/28/2014


I have used PomSmooth Shampoo for a little over a year. I can't even start to say how much my hair has changed. It is so much smoother and manageable, its crazy to think what a Shampoo without, all that icky stuff in it, can do for your hair. Thank you for creating such a great product! Totally recommend it!


Review By:Patricia on 1/23/2014


I love most Juice Beauty products and this shampoo does not disappoint! Although, the wateriness took a couple uses to get used to, I would never go back to my old shampoo again. I have peace of mind knowing that I am using a chemical-free shampoo that provides a great clean and shine for my hair. I can't wait to try the other hair care products offered by Juice Beauty!

Shampoo and Conditioner

Review By:sheila on 1/21/2014


I really like both these products! I was using some salon products and they were breaking my bank and not as natural. Less chemicals and bad stuff - that's the way to go!

Awesome Shampoo for Color-Damaged Hair

Review By:Glenna on 1/21/2014


I use this and the matching conditioner on my color-damaged hair, and it has become less damaged over time with consistent use, by hairdresser even noticed that my hair was "healthy" again!

It's a keeper

Review By:Jaclyn on 1/17/2014


I will reorder this shampoo and conditioner over and over again. I have been trying to change all my products over to chemical free and this shampoo is awesome. You will have to get used to it though. The first time I used it I was not sure that I liked it because it is different than the "normal" shampoo's your used too. After the second time of using it I knew it was going to work for me. I used to have to wash my hair every other day and now that this shampoo doesn't strip my hair of natural oils I wash my hair every 4 days! Time saver!


Review By:Kelli on 1/10/2014


I absolutely LOVE the PomSmooth Shampoo and Conditioner! It has enabled me to grow my hair very long and super healthy, shiny, and tangle-free. The best part? I have the confidence in knowing that there are no harmful ingredients and there were no animals harmed in the making of these products. It's a "conscious purchase". When I order it in Canada it's delivered quickly and inexpensively. BEST EVER, I'm hooked.

I love this stuff!

Review By:Kim on 1/10/2014


This shampoo, along with the matching conditioner, is wonderful. I love the light smell and how my hair feels after it dries. It's been my number one shampoo for about a year now.


Review By:Kristen on 1/10/2014


I have searched high and low for a shampoo with ingredients I can trust and that actually produces results. I have finally found it! This shampoo smells great and leaves my hair soft and shiny. The bottle size is bigger than many of the other organic shampoos I have used which is a plus. I will never use another shampoo again and I am anxious to try some of the other formulas!


Review By:Kat on 9/7/2013


I absolutely love this shampoo and the conditioner. My hair is very long and now it feels a lot smoother, shinier and healthier. Wish they had the leave-in conditioner.

best organic shampoo ever

Review By:Jennifer on 8/30/2013


I have tried so many organic shampoos that either had questionable ingredients or were really expensive. This shampoo is the absolute best. It is free of many chemicals that I avoid and it smells fantastic. My hair is soft and looks great. I have naturally curly hair that I wear both straight and curly and my hair does great either way with this product. Even my mom loved it when she came to visit and she makes fun of all of my "organic products." My only caution is to watch out when pouring, it is very watery like many juice beauty products.

Most Delicate Shampoo Ever!!!

Review By:Lina on 4/1/2013


This is by far the best shampoo I've ever used! It's gentle, yet it deals with my dry hair and roots, without making my hair oily! No more dry dandruff, or oily roots. My hair is soft and seems stronger and shinier than before. Love the shampoo and the conditioner combo!

Best shampoo I've ever used

Review By:Penny Kaiser on 3/21/2013


I have very thick, very straight hair with a great razor cut. Unfortunately every organic shampoo I've used in the past has left my hair dry and limp. This is the best shampoo/conditioner I have ever used. Hair is soft, and you can really see my great cut! I don't know what's in this product that not only keeps your hair soft, it's almost like s styling product as well. LOVE it so much.

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