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Organics To Clear Skin

$55.00 Value
In Stock

Clears While Hydrates

This 30 day supply is the perfect organic solution to clear, healthy skin with four simple steps.

Kit includes:

  • 4 oz. Blemish Clearing Cleanser
  • .25 oz. GREEN APPLE™ Blemish Clearing Peel
  • 1 oz. Blemish Clearing Serum
  • 1 oz. Oil Free Moisturizer

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Who Should Use It?

Juice Beauty's Organics To Clear Skin is designed for oily, combination, and blemish prone skin types.


Heals, hydrates and clears blemishes without the chemical stripping and redness action of harsh benzyl peroxide and petroleum products.

Powerful Action Without

Our formulations are made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Clinically Validated Blemish Clearing Results

  • 100% of participants saw definite blemish clearing improvement within 2 weeks!
  • 94% of participants saw definite improvement to complete clearing within 4 weeks!
  • 88% of participants saw definite to significant enhanced skin tone and texture with the GREEN APPLE™ Peel treatment immediately.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

(click product name below for ingredient information)

• Blemish Clearing Cleanser

• GREEN APPLE™ Blemish Clearing Peel

• Blemish Clearing Serum

• Oil-Free Moisturizer

* = Certified organic ingredient


Blemish Clearing Cleanser:
Cleanse morning and evening by massaging into damp skin with a circular motion. Rinse well.

GREEN APPLE™ Blemish Clearing Peel:
Apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck and decollette up to twice weekly. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse well. Follow with Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum & Oil-Free Moisturizer. IMPORTANT: A mild, tingling sensation and slight redness are normal with the Green Apple Peel. We suggest a patch test behind ear for 10 minutes. If no irritation develops, resume application. NOTE: Hydroxy acid products increase sun sensitivity and should always be used with adequate SPF protection. Avoid eye area.

Blemish Clearing Serum:
Spot treat twice daily on blemished areas. Or, warm 4-6 drops in palms and apply an even layer to entire face and neck. May be used under Juice Beauty Foundation or Powder or alone. Sensitivity Test for a New User - Apply product sparingly to one or two small affected areas during the first 3 days. If no discomfort occurs, follow the directions stated above.

Oil-Free Moisturizer:
Moisturize morning and evening by smoothing over cleansed face and neck.

For best results, use Juice Beauty's Perfecting Foundation and Correcting Concealer with your Organics to Clear Skin system. Our makeup does not use any harsh petroleum ingredients that are found in most common cosmetics. Harsh cosmetic ingredients will only lead to further breakouts. By using Juice Beauty's Clear Skin system and makeup your skin will be breakout free, flawless and healthy!

Additional Information:

Skin Type: Blemished/Oily, Combination, Teen Acne & Blemishes, Adult Acne & Blemishes
Skin Concern: Acne

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

Best skin care routine

Review By:Carla on 9/10/14


I have oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. This skin care routine has cleared up my skin, made it smoother, and more radiant. The products keeps my skin from becoming oily. This is the best skin care products I have ever used. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with acne.

Almost perfect

Review By:Alyssa P. on 9/10/14


I really enjoy this kit. It's not only helping my skin become clearer with natural organic ingredients, but it's great for traveling. My only issue is with the small tubes of blemish clearing serum and the moisturizer, they often squeeze out too much product at a time, causing me to waste extra and be left with much more blemish clearing cleanser after the other two products are gone. I also love the green apple blemish clearing peel. It helps to clean out my clogged pores in my t-zone and get rid of excess dry skin. I now buy it in full size!

nice product

Review By:uva on 9/10/14


Very good acne treatment package. The price is affordable too. I have an extremely oily skin and am suffering from acne for a long time. Few weeks ago I found out about this product and ordered it. I am so glad that I did it. Ever since I have begun to use this product, my problem with acne reduced rapidly. I am still not totally cured; but with this speed I will be in less than a week. Thanks to this product I am able to be proud of my radiant skin. It actually is a great feeling.

I wish I would have found this product line soo...

Review By:Kristen on 9/8/14


You have nothing to lose except more days with clearer skin! I would recommend buying this entire product line, especially if you struggle with hormonal breakouts like I do...or like I did! I've been using this line for the past 2 months and noticed a change within the first week of use, and it's just gotten better from there! Also, knowing that Juice Beauty products are non-toxic and skin friendly makes it that much better.

Glowing in AZ

Review By:Khaikam Av on 9/8/14


I am glad I found Juice Beauty! I was going through hormonal/adult acne this past summer, and was fortunate to come across Juice Beauty Clear Skin! Its amazing, not harsh and Organics!! I love all the products!!! Also, love their products is safe to you use on kids which is an A+!

Finally something that works!

Review By:Kelly on 9/8/14


I have struggled with adult acne for most of my adult life, hormonal cysts as well as regular acne. I have tried every product I came across trying to stop the carnage on my face. Nothing worked and I because hopeless. I figured this was just going to be the way it was. Then I found Juice by chance at a local beauty store. I bought the blemish clearing kit as a last ditch effort. I did not really expect it to work. I am super excited to say that it not only worked, it has completely cleared my acne. Even my scars are fading. I am so thankful to have found this product. I highly recommend this line to anyone who has acne and has given up because nothing ever works. This is a keeper for sure!


Review By:Tori on 9/8/14


I have had trouble with acne for years, my mom bought me this product cause at the time we were trying everything!!! Literally everything, but now all I use is this, it has cleared up my acne 100% and leaves my skin smooth and glowing. Believe me you won't be disappointed, try it!!

Wonderful products!

Review By:christina on 8/15/14


These products are just amazing! You have to use them daily to see results. I have adult acne, and these products help me keep it under control. I love juice beauty for their organic, chemical free ingredients.

Didn't work

Review By:Jamie on 8/14/14


So I hate to be one of the few nay-sayers but this regimen unfortunately didn't do it for me. I gave it a good two full months and within that time my acne never got much better and may have gotten even worse. It's hard to say if that was because of these products, or hormones, or stress, but whatever the reason, these products at least didn't help. I do love the apple peel and cloth that came with the kit though. Though I'm not sure the peel helps with my acne, it makes the rest of my skin very smooth!


Review By:In Love on 7/26/14


This kit is wonderful, I have been dealing with constant breakouts on my cheeks and dark spots and very dull skin in the last couple of years. I am in my late 30's I believe it was due to hormones. The very FIRST time I tried this my face became brighter and no signs of dullness and stays moisturized all day. My tone is evening out and my under eye circles is becoming lighter. I be so excited to use this in the morning and bed. No burning even if it gets in your eyes. I have had chest acne so I also use everything including the peel on my chest as well as my upper back. I just ordered the body wash pump and the firming lotion today because they both will aid in dark spots on the body and even out your skin so I am excited to receive my order. I always select gift wrap because its free and when your order arrive its like its your birthday and you feel so special, the gift wrap is beautiful. Every payday for now I will treat myself and my body to new products from Juice Beauty. There is SO much more I want and I am turning my bathroom in to an Oasis of nothing but Juice Beauty organic products. I am in love and SO happy this organic skin care line has been developed. You can tell it was created with love and concern and honesty for all its customers. Thanks so much and I am a customer for life and will ONLY use this line to love on my body!!!!!

Best product line for my skin

Review By:Tanya on 7/16/14


I'm 23 and have had confidence issues due to my acne. To be honest, it was not that bad...it could have been worse, but the breakouts and dark spots that were left behind caused me to hide behind makeup constantly and I felt as though everyone noticed my imperfections. I have been using Juice Beauty for 2 months now and am so happy with my skin. I use the Organics to Clear Skin 30 Day Kit paired with the Blemish Clearing Powder, and I use the Perfecting Foundation and Refining Finishing Powder as makeup. My skin is even, less red, has less dark spots and breakouts. These results are better than those I received from previous treatments that included medicines and chemicals, and the results came without burning, drying, and cracking of my skin. I am very happy with Juice Beauty and will continue to use their face line and makeup.

Can't Recommend

Review By:Christine on 6/25/14


I am older (Almost 40) and have dealt with breakouts from about the time I turned 30, from what I can only assume is due to hormonal changes from getting older. So, I in no way expected any sort of miracle from these products. But unfortunately, I don't have anything positive to say about any of the items you get in this kit, other than the bamboo washcloth. The products just didn't improve my skin situation at all. In fact, it has made things worse. I am even breaking out on parts of my face that I never did in the past. Other than the lack of efficacy, the products themselves are just not awesome. The face wash is very runny, but I guess okay for just a basic wash. The blemish clearing serum is almost like water, and in this tube with an opening that is too big. If you're not careful, it will just pour right out. Also, when it is closed, the serum just pools in the top of the tube. The moisturizer is very thick, and sticky. It is hard to work in, and seems to just sit on top of your skin. It also leaves your face sticky to the touch for a long while. You also get this sample size green apple face peel that some people seem to really like, and claim that is produces improved skin results right away. I did not have that experience. As a matter of fact, absolutely nothing happened. There wasn't even the slightest effect. Good or bad. I've done the month, and from what I have read, Juice Beauty says that results can take longer than that to see for some people. And I get that. But seeing how it has made things worse, for me to continue to use these products, would be the equivalent of just setting money on fire.

Patience was Key

Review By:Heather on 3/26/14


Like so many people who have provided reviews, I was really hoping for fantastic results when I started using this kit. I was a little disappointed at first, because I really didn't see any changes and actually started feeling like my acne was getting worse. However, after trying so many different products with the same outcome, I decided to just stick it out and see if it would get better as the product promised. The patience actually did pay off - after about a month and a half to two months, I noticed that my skin was clearing. I've used the product for about five months now and have to say that my skin looks much better than it has with any other products. I still get the occasional hormonal pimple, but am able to clear it up so much faster than before. The thing that has impressed me the most is that it cleared up all the tiny pimples I constantly had under my jawline and neck that were so annoying! So, I would encourage everyone starting out on the kit to give it enough time to see what happens.


Review By:Anne on 3/3/14


You Have produced an AMAZING PRODUCT --- THANKS --- :)


Review By:The VEGAN on 2/27/14


I have struggled with acne since I hit puberty and let me tell you I have tried more than enough of those chemically laced, over-advertised products and nothing has done the trick in a safe and healthy way until now. But when I become health conscious I discovered this amazing product and fell in love. It has given me relief from my normal breakouts and has calmed my hormonal acne flare ups. A definite must!

To those negative reviews: again keep in mine that this is a product full of pure natural ingredients and you may have a sensitivity or allergy more so than you would with chemical ones.

Not the best

Review By:Monica on 2/24/14


I recently just purchased Juice Beauty Organics to Clear Skin, and my face showed no improvement. I gave it a full 2 weeks to somewhat clear my blemishes and nothing happened. My skin felt like it burned when I finished using it. This product seems to work great for others, but not so much for me.

Fantastic kit!

Review By:Maria on 1/28/14


Even though I just got this, I can feel the difference from other products I've used to treat my breakouts. My face feels clean, smooth and fresh, not super tight, dry and irritated as it does with other treatments. I just know this will work for me, I feel it! I also love the sizes since I will only use when needed, this set works perfect for me, so glad I purchased. I am definitely coming back for more when needed.

Didn't get the results I wanted

Review By:Stephanie on 1/28/14


I started using this acne kit in November 2013 because I was looking for more natural/organic products to use on my skin since I've dealt with acne for over 15 years and was tired of going to the dermatologist and taking antibiotics and prescribed creams. After two months of using the kit, I unfortunately had to move on to another organic skin line because I didn't see any of the results I was looking for with the Juice Beauty acne kit. Although I really liked using the blemish serum, I am still dealing with acne breakouts and am just looking for something that gives me the clear and healthy skin I desire and deserve.

I Have A Healthy Obsession With This!!

Review By:Kriss on 1/28/14


I am so grateful for Juice Beauty!!! I have been really addicted with buying their products but this one is pretty much one of my favorites. I now can't live with out it. It helped with my acne and keeps it away! I also love the refreshed feeling it gives my face... I've been using this for a few months now and my skin hasn't ever looked healthier. I couldn't ask for more of a blessing then this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wish Juice Beauty lots of success and am so excited to see whats next for them.

Best thing you could ever use!

Review By:Ash on 1/26/14


I've been using Juice Beauty's Clear Skin collection for over a year now, and have had little to no break outs! I would usually get the painful cystic acne underneath the skin, and I had tried every thing. And every thing seemed to dry my skin out so bad, that it would make matters worse! And after using these products, my skin is soft, less oily, and no longer have the blotchy, red, uneven skin tone! This worked so well for me, that I bought it for my younger cousin who has the same problem and she loves it! Wouldn't use any thing else!

Love, love, love it!

Review By:Sonia on 1/26/14


I was fortunate to never have acne problems as a teen, or even as a young adult but now was a maturing woman I'm getting acne for the first time. I've tried so many product with no success. So glad I found Juice Beauty. It has helped so much. So much that now I use the whole line from these Blemished / Oily Skin products, to the Stem Cellular products and makeup. Love, love, love it all!

Acne Fighting System that works!

Review By:Susan on 1/25/14


This was my 1st purchase from Juice Beauty a few years ago. I have struggled with acne since my teenage years and it continues far into my adulthood. I have tried many OTC drug store products, expensive prescription products from the dermatologist (last tube was over $100!) and ordered the well know infomercial brand and I can honestly say that this regimen from Juice Beauty has worked the best on my oily acne-prone skin! This system cleared my skin and now prevents breakouts. Other products stripped my face and left it dry and irritated which caused my skin to produce more oil that caused more acne. Juice Beauty Organics TO Clear Skin broken that cycle and not only cleared my acne but also healed old acne scars and improved my skin tone. For the first time in my life I can go without make-up!

Pregnant lady review

Review By:Mundi on 1/24/14


(Long but necessary) I have had acne prone skin for the past 6 years when I moved to FL. My skin all of a sudden wanted to become oily. Ok, so I had to try all these different type of products for many of them did not to work until I found Paula's Choice. I loved her products as they worked so well until I found out I was pregnant. I wasn't sure if I should continue the use of them due to possible effect to my baby so I stopped all together and started using a product that was targeted towards pregnant women and acne. Being pregant only made my acne worse! So much for the glow. However, that product did not work. I tried at home safe remedies. Nothing was working and by this point, I am in my 9 month of pregnancy with bumps and now acne scars. I however, still needed to find something that worked and was safe for a pregnant woman to use because I planned on nursing once I had my baby. Back on the search I go and I sent a prayer up (no lie) and I found Juice Beauty. Read the reviews and I said what the heck, I have nothing to lose, and it's all natural which is great for me and my baby. I didn't want something I had to order and wait for as I wanted to try something immediately. Went to Ulta, purchased the travel kit and the Green Apple gel cleanser. Tried to use an Utla coupon and the guy at the counter said you can't use coupons on the good stuff. I said, man I hope this stuff works. Got home, tried it out and saw an immediate difference within 2 days of using these products. Face was less oily, bumps cleared up, not immediately but they healed much better than normally. Face was soft and again, less oily which is a big plus for me. I feel blessed to have found this product because I thought I was gonna have to have bad skin until I was done nursing. So glad I have these products and that they are safe and natural. Long I know but needed to write this. Thank you!

Works Fast!

Review By:Renee on 1/24/14


I just finished my cycle and used my sample packets of this system that were sent to me when I'd placed another order. Normally I have several breakouts around this time, and this time I only had ONE pimple. So excited to see how well this worked! I use the cleansing milk or the age defying cleanser the rest of the time, but during that week I used this, and it worked fabulously! I will definitely do this every month!

Working well so far!

Review By:Eileen on 1/21/14


I have been using the Organics to Clear Skin for about two months with great results. After the first week, I could feel a real difference in the texture of my skin. You have to be realistic with your expectations of any product, so do not expect a miracle. However, along with improved texture, I have noticed that the duration of my breakouts have diminished drastically. I have combination skin, and I love how this system does not dry out the drier areas of my face. For years I have used products for my face from a well-known department store brand for sensitive skin. I used the department store brand system one time after I tried Juice Beauty to see if my skin would feel a difference, and my skin became so incredibly dry and tight! I am so glad that I have been introduced to organic alternatives for my skin. After using Juice Beauty, I will NEVER go back!

Loooove t!

Review By:Miranda on 1/19/14


It actually worked for my skin! I've everything on the market nothing worked but, this does! I am in love with it. The ingredients are all really good too. This package is a good way to start you and get a feel for how awesome these products are.

Really works!

Review By:Natasha on 1/18/14


I was quite skeptical to try it but I bought it anyway. The cleanser really cleans well and after using it my skin feels really soft to touch, the serum though took quite sometime to absorb, works really well in reducing my blemish and the moisturizer makes my skin supple and hydrated. I have been using this kit for almost a month now and still have some left...a little goes a long way! Fantastic, really works if you have the patience! Would buy the original size soon.

Love it

Review By:Jaclyn on 1/17/14


I have been using this kit for a few weeks and have noticed a vast improvement in my skin. Having acne for the first time at 30 is so not cool but after a few days of using this kit I felt like it was under control and my scaring has even gone away. My skin is softer and glowing! Love it, will purchase again.

Wanted it to work...

Review By:Chelsea on 1/10/14


I wanted this to work for me so bad, unfortunately it didn't at all. I struggled with acne all though my teens, went on meds that cleared me up but now as a 30 yr old adult, its back, hormonal and cystic acne, and I want a more natural product (no meds please!). I love everything that Juice Beauty/Organics to Clear Skin stands for and love the ingredients in each product but I had no results after using this system for 2 months. My skin didn't get better or worse, just stayed the same. So happy for those who've had great luck, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. I'll continue to use JBs other beauty products but I'm still on the search for a good acne product...


Review By:Tiffany on 1/10/14


I bought this kit to try out the brand juice beauty and now I can't live without it! I have horrible acne and now my skin has never looked better!

wow what a difference

Review By:Brittney on 1/10/14


I have tried everything from proactive to off name brands and nothing worked. So I wasn't sure about this but an ulta employee suggested it and so happy with the results!! I can't believe how much my face has changed in 1-2 weeks. I just hope it continues to work. The only downside is it makes my face feel sticky after applying so if there is any suggestions for that that would be good. But if that is the only downside I can live with that for a clear face!!!

Best value kit!

Review By:T.N on 11/23/13


This kit is perfect for trying out Juice beauty products if you havent before. It lasted me a month and half n worker wonderful on my acne-prone skin! highly recommend!!

Stingy Supply - Unable to test full potential o...

Review By:First Time User of JB on 11/19/13


+ the clean/neat packing the items arrived in
+ mini face towel (so helpful and so gentle on the skin)
+ cleanser quantity (amount) / clear/lockable bottle design
+ Organic (fully free of harsh chemicals and toxins) - doesn't irritate, dry, or enlarge or clog pores.
+ Noticeable result/difference after first use!

- the STINGY SUPPLY supply (1oz) and POOR TUBE DESIGN of serum and moisturizer.
--->Unlike the cleanser bottle (4oz), the tubes are solid white so you can't eye ball how much quantity is inside was in there when it first arrive--was it fully filled to the top? The tubes are designed to be kept upside down but the product will ooze/leak out. So you need to keep it right side up so that there isn't any leakage or mess when taking out the serum/moisturizer.
--->The cleanser amount is supple and definitely sufficient for the 30 day trial period. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the serum (1oz) and moisturizer (1oz). 1fl is not enough to last the 30 day period unless you are only using it for spot treatment. As the product advises to use it all over your face to completely clear all the blemishes all over your face 2X/day - morning/night after washing your face with the cleanser. The dime size amount is equivalent to the sample trio packet that they sent (.07oz). So, .07oz X 2 times per day X 30 days trial period = The amount provided should be 4.2 oz. NOT 1oz!!! The reason the cleanser lasts is because it the correct supply amount (4 oz).

--->Greasy, sticky, shiny finish (like if you have oil on your face). Don't wear any makeup so you can't really hide this noticeable shine
--->the smell is overwhelming but your nose becomes condition to it after few days
---> ineffective on current pimples / preventing new pimples

WEEK 1 -
I had also gotten the hydrating mist to use as a toner (after cleansing and before applying the serum as advised by Juice Beauty rep). The first week I tried that it worked well in preventing new breakouts even through the smell of the mist so terrible smelling (like wet plant stems). Serum Qty in tube had reached almost half way! I was only using dime size amount to cover the entire face as advised and confirmed by the Juice Beauty Expert. I told them that I don't think it will last for the entire trial period. I was told that it has been tested to last for 30 days. This is definitely untrue: the dime size amount is equivalent to the sample trio packet that they sent (.07oz). So, .07oz X 2 times per day X 30 days trial period = The amount provided should be 4.2 oz. NOT 1oz!!! The reason the cleanser lasts is because it the correct supply amount (4 oz).

WEEK 2 - unable to test full potential of the serum/moisturize and using it sparingly the half empty tubes don't run out before the 30 days. Obviously if Juice Beauty had provided the proper amounts, I wouldn't have to stress out about this. Beginning of 2nd week, I broke up 4 cyst like pimples which still haven't gone as I'm about to start the 3rd week in few days. Just frustrated and will go back to using the appropriate amount if they tube runs out this week then so be it. I need to see if this product actually lives up to its 30 day blemish clearing reputation. I have stopped using their toner mist so that I can't directly see how effective the serum is.

WEEK 3 - will provide update once complete

WEEK 4 - will provide update once complete

** I really don't know if the apple peel will last also - its only .25 oz!
Lets see how it ends up so I know whether I should continue with this brand. Otherwise, its back to my home made remedies :)

Absolutely Amazing!

Review By:Savannah on 11/2/13


I'm always skeptical to try new things, but being five months pregnant and trying tons of other cleansers and systems, I have finally found a winner! I have had "pregnancy acne" and "acne" for the first time in my life and I could not find anything to get rid of it. Within the short period of time that I have been using Juice Beauty's Organics to Clear Skin Cleansing kit, I have finally found a winner! It's healthy for me, healthy for my baby, and makes my skin look and feel perfect and smooth once again!! So happy I don't have to wear all the coverup and makeup to hide pimples and zits anymore! :D

Wanted it all to work.

Review By:Stacie on 10/30/13


The cleanser works well with my clarisonic at getting my skin clean. I feel that the serum kept new blemishes away, but did not effect the issues that were present. The moisturizer was too heavy for me, and I had to use a split pea sized amount at night. This particular moisturizer made me feel like I had always applied too much of something on my face. During the day I used the the oil free moisturizer with spf; which I feel was not as heavy, and did not make me shine. I absolutely love the peel, and delivers it's promises. Along with the moisturizer with the spf and this set, I also purchased the acne treatment. The acne treatment did minimize my blemishes, helped with soreness, and rid my smile wrinkles. Overall, I am upset that this set let me down.

Changed my skin!!!

Review By:Olga on 10/23/13


I moved to usa 2 years ago from Russia and since that my skin changed, I got all the acne I never had before :( I tried everything ! And one day I stoped at ULTA ans some lady were talking about this brand and she got 3 boxes of this set and I ask her is it really that great? And she brought her teen daughter and said she had bad skin, I couldnt belive her skin was clean and look good.So I got this set and its amazing!!!! 2 weeks ive been using it, skin is clean!!! No pimples!!! Im so happy my skin is back. Going get more tomorrow :)


Review By:Katie on 10/20/13


+ A sincere thank you to Juice Beauty. I haven't felt this beautiful in my own skin in a very long time. It glows from the inside out and there is not a blemish to be found. I haven't touched my foundation in so long that I decided to just trash it.

- The serum's trial bottle isn't well designed for the thin product. It gushes out so fast and I end up wasting a lot. :(

Newbee to Organic

Review By:Ayysia on 10/6/13


I am a 25 year old African American female with oily sensitive acne prone skin. I've been dealing with this since I was a teen. I've used everything there is, lots of harsh drying chemicals. This year, I stopped using those harsh chemicals & started going organic. I came across juice beauty from Alicia Silverstone collection. Looked on JB website & stumbled upon the Organic to clear kit. Did research on the products & the ingredients. Looked at all the reviews & decided to give it a try. I ordered one off here & bought a kit from ulta store. I've been using the kit for 4 days now and I absolutely loveeee it!! before use I had break outs on the apples of my cheeks on both side of my face, this kit has cleared that break out in 2 days of use! my skin is softer and my scares are starting to fade as well. Its only been 4 days. the results are quick & consistent. I swear my skin gets better & I literary see results each time I use this kit. its like a complete 180. I cant wait to see more results in the next 2 weeks. seems like I found a keeper! everything smells amazing. the cleanser & apple peel are my favs. a little bit of the product goes a longgg way. it hydrates & heals like it describes! I suggest anybody who is having problem skin should definitely try the kit out! thank you Juice Beauty!

Something finally works!!

Review By:Khristan on 9/6/13


I love this product and it is great for people with sensitive skin!! My skin is very sensitive and I was afraid to try it but now I'm very glad that I did. I had tried another product that burned my face really bad and caused some very dark spots. I have been using this product for almost 3 weeks and the spots have lightened tremendously!! I can't wait to see the 1 month results!! I will continue using this after my blemishes are gone because it makes my skin so smooth and glowing!! Kudos to Juice Beauty!!

Very Happy!

Review By:Ali on 8/21/13


I received my Organics to Clear Skin a few days ago and am already seeing results. I only break out sporadically, but when I do it's around my chin and sometimes cheeks & is normally pretty severe, red and dry. While trying to treat these random breakouts with drying facial cleansers and creams, the breakout area would become super dry and peel, yet the rest of my face gathers oil during the day. I think I've FINALLY found the perfect combination treatment for my skin. No irritation, no dryness, and the oiliness has decreased substantially. I've also noticed an evenness in my skin tone that wasn't there before, allowing me to ditch out on heavy makeup. I don't use the moisturizer as much as directed because of the amount of oil my skin already has, but love all of the products included in this kit & definitely recommend.

awesome!!...but customization needed

Review By:Katie on 6/25/13


This stuff works. I recently graduated from high school. For all four years I struggled with acne, but my dermatologist only ever recommended products with sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. These products did not work for me and I became concerned with their effect on my body. I started using Organics to Clear Skin a month and a half ago. My advice is to use it in the way that it works for you. I tried following juice beauty's directions but my skin is oily so I was always oily during the day. Now, I follow the directions at night: cleanse, serum, then moisturize. But in the morning all I do is rinse my face, cleanse the oily parts (forehead, around nose, and chin), then use the serum as a spot treatment. No moisturizer! I discovered this a week ago and my face has cleared up tremendously!


Review By:Paige on 6/25/13


I've used so many different treatments for acne and this is the only one that works for me! My acne on my face and body is gone and so is the redness that was caused by using products with harsh chemicals. I recently found out I have celiac so I am extremely happy that everything from Juice Beauty is gluten free! Keep making these products I'll be a life long customer! :)

It's awesome

Review By:Me on 5/16/13


I have suffered from acne for 21 long painful years. I have tried everything under the sund and spend lots and lots of money. I have fried my skin with so many products that at times have made my acne worse. I tried these products out of desperation as my face was having a bad flare up. This is my second week and the pimples are are gone!!!!!! I never give reviews but this one is worth doing. My skin looks healthy and it's clearing up fast. I love the products and the fact that they are natural is a huge plus. I'm so grateful..

Really Amazed!!

Review By:Lexie Vandall on 5/15/13


This product goes great with my sensitive skin! I have been using this product for over a week now, and all my acne scars have suddenly disappeared!! I tried all kinds of other products before this one, and nothing seemed to work. I had all kinds of embarrassing acne scars all over my face and I even spent at least 20 minutes on make-up trying to cover them up. Then, I found this product and it made my skin feel so refreshed and healthier! Never going to stop purchasing this product. Thank you, Juice Beauty!

Really Works!

Review By:Courtney on 4/20/13


I tried everything, I even resorted to expensive facials and micro dermabrasions. Nothing worked. My mother had told me she came across this website in her search for organic facial products. I figured, I tried everything else so why not. AMAZING! It's not instantaneous, but after a couple of weeks I had clear skin. I would recommend this to everyone I know. Thanks Juice Beauty!

Really Great!

Review By:Amy on 3/19/13


So far I've been pretty impressed with this product. I have struggled with adult acne since going off of birth control. I tried Proactiv, but it REALLY dried out my skin and made me actually look worse. I love the cleanser - it makes my skin feel so clean but not stripped (even more awesome when used with the included bamboo washcloth). The serum and moisturizer were a bit sticky at first when I applied them but that feeling is short lived. My skin feels nourished but not oily. And my breakouts have been nonexistant so far. I will definitely purchase again!

Amazing Product!

Review By:Chrissy on 1/30/13


I tried the set a little skeptical. I have tried all kinds of skin care sets for my sensitive skin, including Proactive, Murad, and even an expensive Dior set. Nothing had worked. They would either dry out my skin while still not treating my acne that I had or they would make me break out even more. This set didn't do that though. It has treated my skin while keeping breakouts away. I have been very pleasantly surprised. It has helped to clear acne scars that I currently have and I haven't had a breakout since I have been on it. I have been using the Juice Beauty acne kit for a week and a half and I am truly a fan. I have gotten a lot of complements on my skin because it has cleared my skin while also giving me a healthy glow. Can't wait to but more products from this company!

Fantastic Products

Review By:Corinne on 6/4/11


I have very reactive skin and most products cause me problems. These are by far that best I've ever used! Finally my skin is calming down and clearing up! I'm not going to use anything else now that I've found something that works so well on my skin. These products are amazing!


Review By:Ashleigh on 5/4/11


I have been using this kit for only about one week now, and already my skin is literally changing and greatly improving! My blemishes are healing, rather than being dried out and peeling until they finally heal. My skin is soft, radiant, and hydrated - no more flaky dryness caused by the acne kit I was formerly using. I love that the ingredients are organic and that I can wear these products without worrying about bleaching my bedding, towels, or clothes!! I am definitely going to continue using these products and am looking forward to even more improvements in my skin. Now I'm going to try out your makeup line and I'm sure I'll be impressed. Thank you, Juice Beauty!!

Organic Lover

Review By:YoK on 1/24/11


I've become a Juice Beauty Fan now. It is very wonderful after using 1 mth.

love it

Review By:clearskin on 1/2/11


have been using Organics to Clear Skin for about a week now ordered it from The Shopping Channel and love it. I have used products that dry my face and discolor my towels this line does neither. I am very happy with this line and will continue to use it.


Review By:Rosie on 10/4/10


I was looking for a product that would get rid of my acne and oil patches. I'm a freshmen in college and am always stressing causing my acne to get worse. I use this kit every morning and every night and my skin has never been so clear!!! I LOVE this kit and will never use anything else!

Go Organic, and never go back!

Review By:Connie on 9/28/10


II think what makes these products so amazing is the ingredients, or should I say a lack of ingredients. I have had problem skin as long as I can remember. Most other products, even claiming to be "all-natural", contain so many harmful ingredients, and it seems the negative effects outweigh the benefits. So when I finally made the switch to this organic line, I began to experience real results, and felt like I was treating my skin and not covering-up the problem. The first product I tried, which made me a believer, is the Blemish Clearing Serum. The whole Organics to Clear Skin product line will transform your skin!

Works Like Magic!

Review By:Summer on 8/27/10


I finally found a kit that works on my sensitive pimple prone skin! After two weeks my skin looked amazing and has stayed that way for the last month since iv been using it! My favorite product in the kit is the Green Apple Peel! If i feel my skin is looking dull i pop the peel on for 10 mintues and my skin is radiant! I will never use anything else!

Absolutely wonderful!

Review By:Brenda on 5/14/10


I think Organics to Clear Skin is an amazing line of products!!! It truly works... My skin is healthy and glowing =)

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Blemish Clearing

Blemish Clearing

Clears while Hydrates. With a unique blend of powerful hydroxy fruit acids, clarifying salicylic acid from willow bark, clearing CoQ10 and skin renewing Vitamin C.

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