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GREEN APPLE Peel Full Strength

Green Apple Age Defy
Size:2 oz.
In Stock

Brighten, Lighten, Tighten

Exfoliate with our patented, bestselling, potent alpha and beta hydroxy acid peel that delivers spa grade exfoliation, revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation for optimum age-defying results.

Who Should Use It?

Juice Beauty's GREEN APPLE™ Peel Full Strength is designed for all skin types (except sensitive skin), 20's and up and is effective for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone and texture.

NOTE: Juice Beauty's GREEN APPLE™ Collection is not designed for very sensitive or rosacea skin due to the alpha/beta hydroxy fruit acids - if you have this type of skin, see Daily Essentials Collection.


  • Evens skin tone and texture with a spa grade exfoliation from a potent patented dose of alpha hydroxy acids (malic, citric & tartaric from organic fruits, glycolic and lactic acids) and beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid from willow bark).
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots with alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.
  • Smoothes fine lines with Vitamin A.
  • Fights free radical skin damage with antioxidant-rich resveratrol from grapeseed.
  • Provides essential nutrients to promote healthy cellular turnover & healing with Vitamins A, C & E.

Powerful Action Without

Our formulations are made without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic juices of pyrus malus (organic apple juice)*, citrus medica limonum (organic lemon juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, salix nigra (willow bark extract), vitis vinifera (grape seed extract), lactic acid, glycolic acid, vegetable glycerin, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, sodium hydroxide, tocopherol (Vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, magnesium aspartate, zinc gluconate, copper gluconate, caprylyl glycol, phenethyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum

* = Certified organic ingredient


After cleansing with Juice Beauty’s GREEN APPLE™ Cleanser in the evening, apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck and decollette up to twice weekly. Leave on for 10 minutes. (Flushing and tingling are normal.) Rinse well. Follow with GREEN APPLE™ Age Defy Serum and Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer.

IMPORTANT: A mild, tingling sensation and slight redness are normal with the GREEN APPLE™ Peel. We suggest a patch test behind ear for 15 minutes. If no irritation develops, resume application.

SUNBURN ALERT: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product for a week afterwards. Avoid eye area.

Additional Information:

Skin Type: Normal, Mature
Skin Concern: Wrinkles, Sun Damage, General Health

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

Great Stuff!

Review By:goshelbygo on 12/23/14


I really love the way this goes on. It is smooth and is gentle enough to use regularly. The results are great. My only complaint is the smell. Does any one else's smell like butter? Literally. Butter.


Review By:Melanie on 12/22/14


This product is my "go to" for a smooth glow! It can burn when applied and my skin is usually red for 15 mins after I rinse it off. However, it does calm down and after it does my skin is radiant! The only other thing I can do to achieve this glow is drink a raw beet & spinach shake.....I prefer the Green Apple Peel....but in truth I do both, as I'm a girl always attempting to achieve a glow!


Review By:Ani on 11/19/14


I love the concept, but as soon as i put this onto my face it started burning. I washed it off and my face was red with a burning sensation that took a while to calm. Cant use it.

Absolutely Amazing!

Review By:Hanna on 11/19/14


I suffered from severe cystic acne in high school only to be left with horrible red marks and indentations on my cheeks. I have spent years trying to fade them and have never walked out of my house without makeup on in eight years (the scars were that bad). I thought I would give the full strength apple peel a try figuring at this point I have nothing to lose. The first time I used it I noticed results right away my skin looked vibrant and felt silky smooth. I didn't have any stinging although my skin has tolerance to the numerous products I have tried over the years. I used it a second time the following week and got the same results. I was starting to think the peak of the product was just your skin feeling smooth and more refreshed... so after the fourth time I used it... wow lets say I have never seen my skin look this good in years. I have had amazing results. The dark red scars are fading fast and even the texture of my skin is getting smoother. I never would have imagined this product working so well. I feel blessed I came across this. I would highly recommend it and the price is all worth it! I am hoping in another couple weeks I will be able to comfortably walk out of my house without makeup on for the first time in eight years. Thank you Juice beauty for such a wonderful product!

My go-to product

Review By:KW on 9/18/14


If you want to look your best on any given day or for a special occasion, this is the product to grab. Every time I feel my skin is looking la little tired, dry, or splotchy I use this peel and I am back on track with glowing soft clear skin.

Best Product!

Review By:kim on 9/18/14


This was my first Juice Beauty purchase and it is amazing! It instantly diminished my pores and smoothed my skin. After buying this, I became a true believer in Juice Beauty products. I had tried everything chemical to try and improve my skin and this natural product finally did the trick. Now I own almost every product Juice Beauty makes. I have oily skin acne prone skin, enlarged pores and I tend toward the more sensitive side with redness.

Love this stuff

Review By:Shay on 9/18/14


Have tried other peels over the years, but keep coming back to this one. It's the closest I've found to in office results.

An apple a day

Review By:jessica on 9/18/14


I love this peel. it brightens my skin without being too harsh.

Perfect peel

Review By:Marcia on 9/18/14


I've been using this peel for years and have still not found a retail product that compares. It provides the benefits of a professional grade peel without the harshness, down time, or cost! One of my favorite, must have Juice Beauty products.

Silky smooth!

Review By:Stacy on 9/18/14


Couldn't believe how silky smooth my skin was after just one use! My skin was glowing, pores were tightened and fine lines smoothed! The green apple peel will definitely be part of my weekly skin regimen! Thanks juice beauty;)

Best Peel Ever!

Review By:Julie Clark on 9/17/14


This peel is just fabulous; with just one use, my skin looked brighter and more clear. It is so easy and quick to use.....if I had to pick one product from Juice Beauty, it would be hands down the Green Apple Peel.

the one and only... ORGANIC Green Apple peel ('',)

Review By:EDNA on 9/11/14


Celebrated my 34th Birthday with ORGANIC goodies from Juice Beauty at Whole Foods. The JB Green Apple Peel was among one of the goodies & since then I have replaced my (then favorite) serum from Amway/Artistry Vitamin C + yam serum. From just 1 treatment, I noticed my face became brighter and smoother. Thus, I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this product! Not to mention, loving the fact that it is CERTIFIED ORGANIC!!!!! yaaaay! ('',)

love this peel!

Review By:Karen Pan on 9/11/14


literally it's perfect


Review By:Judy Czubati on 9/11/14


This peel actually works on smoothing out the look of wrinkles even though we are speaking about Senior Skin!

Love it!

Review By:Kimberly on 9/11/14


34yrs old, no blemishes, have oily but dehydrated skin and this product works great! I have an even skin tone and after one use it brightened me up when I didn't think I needed it. Its not harsh and works great

Esthtician Can't Believe the Results

Review By:Jean on 9/11/14


My daughter recommended Green Apple Peel, but she is 30 years younger and has oily skin. I have very dry skin, so I was cautious about using a peel, yet I needed the exfoliation. I started using Green Apple Peel because it has a natural organic base. After using it for a year, I treated myself to a big city facial. Initially the esthetician said at my age (65+) I would need a lot of exfoliation and my skin would feel like a baby's afterwards. As she began to examine my face under the magnifying glass and intense lights, she asked me what I do for skin care because my skin was already so exfoliated. My answer__Green Apple Peel 1-2 times a week. I swear by it. At my age, maintenance, simplicity and economy are key. Green Apple Peel is a great product and a cornerstone to quality skin care you can do at home at a fraction of the cost of professionals. Keep up the good work!

Green Apple Peel Full Strength

Review By:Saundra Daryab on 9/9/14


Hands down the best peel I've ever used. I am on my third jar and I will never be without this product! My skin looks beautiful and it brightens and lightens my skin. I have some hyperpigmentation and it has definitely lightened it. Absolutely love it!!!

love this peel!

Review By:Karen Pan on 9/8/14


Such an easy and wonderful peel to use! my skin looks clearer and brighter, I love it!

Great Product

Review By:deb on 9/8/14


I love how this peel makes my skin feel so soft and bright. Best peel I have ever used!

Peel Schmeel?

Review By:Azzie on 9/8/14


Having used high percentage glycolic peels, lactic acid peels, even TCA peels in the past, I didn't think this would do anything for my skin. I was amazed when I returned to the bathroom after about 10 minutes and saw my tingly pink face!!! It truly works! When I rinsed my skin it felt so smooth, like a baby's bottom! My products absorbed SO nicely, there was no irritation or lingering dryness. I've even put a super thin layer on my skin (like a serum), put my moisturizer overtop and gone to bed! :) Highly recommend!

Peel to beautiful skin

Review By:Beth on 9/8/14


I got a trial size of the Green Apple Peel and from the first use I saw a difference! I have tried lots of products and have not seen improvements! I love this product line it has done wonders for my complexion!

Happy Skin

Review By:Mia on 9/8/14


I use this product once or twice a week. I love the way it tingles on my skin & it even tastes pretty good if you happen to get some in your mouth. It leaves my skin feeling so soft! This is a great product!

Green Apple Peel - Full Strength

Review By:J-A on 9/8/14


This product is fabulous!!!!! It is easy to use and it WORKS. I absolutely love the feeling of my skin - the glow that this product achieves. If you haven't tried it you MUST. It is lovely - simply wonderful.

A wonder in a jar

Review By:Jessika Goncalves on 9/8/14


I have been looking for a peel that is strong enough to help me get rid of my acne scars and yet gentle enough on my skin. This peel does everything I could ask for and more!! Loooooovvvveeee it!


Review By:Denise on 9/8/14


What an experience! I have not had a peel like this outside of a Spa. A little short term rednes and then..skin like satin! Love it!


Review By:Ashley on 9/8/14


I LOVE this product! I will never purchase another peel expect for this one again. It has reduced my acne scaring and evened my skin tone significantly. My boyfriend always tells me how flawless my skin look and I swear it's because of this product. Anytime I use product my skin is smoother and more radiant. I sometimes use this product as a pimp zapper because it reduces the redness and size of my pimples. THIS IS A MUST TRY PRODUCT!

Great Product and Value!

Review By:Kristie on 9/8/14


I have heredity melisma from my pregnancies. I use this product weekly. It helps to keep it at bay. It is a great value. If I had to have it done in a spa, it would cost a lot.

Great Product!

Review By:Kristie Panico on 9/8/14


I have heredity melisma from my pregnancies and this product is great. I use it weekly and it helps me keep it at bay. It is a great value because if I had to have it done in a spa, it would cost a lot.

The best product I've ever used!

Review By:Gizem on 9/8/14


This is my favorite ever! I use it after cleanser and my skin feels soft and refreshed all day! I really don't need to go to spa when I use juice beauty products. They're the best! I got two as a gift for my sister and mother. My mother can't use other brands after using this:. I recommend it for everyone

Green Apple Peel Review

Review By:Sandy Bonesteel on 9/8/14


I used this product over a year ago. I did love how soft it made my face feel right after using it. But even with continued use, I didn't see the results that I was hoping to see. If I could purchase more, I would because I did love how soft it made my face feel; even if for only a short while.

Best Peel

Review By:Jassica on 9/8/14


This is one of the best peels I have ever used. My face just feels so much smoother and tighter after using this peel. You don't have to use much becasue a little goes a very long way!

It really works!!!

Review By:Laura Sorvillo on 9/8/14


I no longer need to avoid mirrors,I no longer cry at the sight of my dull,old skin.I have FINALLY found a product that works.I not only don't avoid mirrors.I go out of my way to check out my skin and be sure it wasn't all my imagination.I am amazed at the difference,my lines are visibly reduced,my dull skin glows and I look years younger.Thank you so much for this life changing product,I am a customer for life!!!


Review By:Laura on 9/8/14


FINALLY,a product that works.I have wasted so much time and ,oney on potions and peels that do nothing.I was ready to give up and accept that I needed to avoid mirrors because ,some days,my skins condition would bring me to tears.Now I can seee a visible difference in my skin,wrinkles are less defined,I actually glow! I get excited to look in the mirror and see the difference.I could not be happier,Thank you so very much for this life changing line of products!!!!

"Pick me up" for your skin

Review By:Joy F. on 8/7/14


I received a free sample of this peel at a national cosmetic store. I didn't try it right away because I didn't think peels worked unless you got one at a doctor's office. Finally I tried it and loved it! It really perked up my skin. I have since bought a jar and I use it twice a week. It's good stuff!

Not the same, different formula?

Review By:Crystal on 6/11/14


I started using your green apple full strength peel about a year and a half ago, I loved it and used it almost religiously once every other week for a full year! Unfortunately in November of 2013 I picked up another jar at ULTA and it just wasn't the same product that I had fallen in love with! The texture and smell were different, it made my face really red and irritated (more so then normal). The next morning my skin looked rough and damaged instead of the smooth fresh look I used to get! I even purchased another jar from your website because I thought the other one was so bad that it HAD to be counterfeit but sadly the new jar was the exact same as the first. I threw them both away.
PLEASE change it back to your old formula, I miss this peel :(

Love this!

Review By:Stefanie on 5/30/14


I love this peel. It does make my skin a little red in some areas, but the redness is gone by the next day and it leaves my skin looking absolutely amazing. I definitely recommend this!

Absolutely the best!

Review By:Sandi on 5/17/14


I'm 50 years old and have spent a lifetime with discoloration on my face due to acne and sun damage. This stuff is the first thing I've ever tried that truly works!!! I have always purchased a foundation with a high pigmentation so that it would cover my face and make it "appear" flawless. I have been using this for three months now and my face actually has no discoloration and the texture is awesome. I can, for the first time in my life, go without foundation!!!! The instructions say to use it one or twice a week, I used it every morning after I exfoliated for the first month and the results were incredible! Now I just use it as instructed to keep it up. I also use the serum before I apply my sunblock. My husband and all of my friends have commented on how different my skin looks!!! I wish I had before and after photos to share.

Absolutely the best!!!

Review By:Sandi on 5/17/14


I'm 50 years old and have spent a lifetime with discoloration on my face due to acne and sun damage. This stuff is the first thing I've ever tried that truly works!!! I have always purchased a foundation with a high pigmentation so that it would cover my face and make it "appear" flawless. I have been using this for three months now and my face actually has no discoloration and the texture is awesome. I can, for the first time in my life, go without foundation!!!! The instructions say to use it one or twice a week, I used it every morning after I exfoliated for the first month and the results were incredible! Now I just use it as instructed to keep it up. I also use the serum before I apply my sunblock. My husband and all of my friends have commented on how different my skin looks!!! I wish I had before and after photos to share.

great for my skin

Review By:Ivana P on 1/30/14


This peel works great for my acne scars and it doesn't break me out like several products have. I make sure to only use it 2-3 times a week though just so I don't irritate my skin. I have been using this along with the Blemish Clearing face wash for about 2 months now and I haven't had any bad breakouts. My skin looks a lot better. Love it!

Glad I Gave In!

Review By:Karen on 1/29/14


On several different occasions I ALMOST ordered the Green Apple Peel. I read many positive reviews on various websites but always hesitated to purchase. Recently, I gave in and ordered a jar, and I am so glad I did! This peel is not too harsh for my skin but does a great job of exfoliating and giving me a brighter and smoother complexion. I recommend it!

Green Apple Peel full strength delivers what it...

Review By:Mary on 1/29/14


My maturing skin started a number of years ago to show the signs of too many days out in the sun, so I thought I would give the Green Apple Peel Full Strength a try. When I use this peel regularly, my skin looks younger, with a noticeable decrease in hyperpigmentation, and a smoothness and brightness that I thought I had lost! I am so happy to have found juice beauty! For years I bought products at local health food stores with very mixed, inconsistent results. Purity and quality of ingredients have always been my first quest; it's wonderful to have these great products that actually deliver the results promised!

Great peel but could do without the sodium benz...

Review By:Sophie on 1/28/14


Love the effect of this peel and how it renews and exfoliates my skin. I could do without the sodium benzoate, though, especially since this product explicitly contains Vitamin C and the two can nefariously interact. I would give this formulation 5 stars otherwise.

Glad I Gave In!

Review By:Karen on 1/28/14


For several months, I ALMOST purchased Green Apple Peel. I researched and read wonderful reviews on several different websites and really wanted to try it, but then because of my doubting nature, I wouldn't. One day I finally gave in and ordered it, and boy am I glad I did! It truly does what it says it does. After using Green Apple Peel, my complexion is smoother, brighter, and glowing! It is not too strong for my skin at all. I love that it is natural and good for my skin. I definitely recommend this!

A Peel That Works!

Review By:Sara on 1/26/14


I have used this peel for 3 weeks and noticed that my skin was smoother and brighter after the first use. My co-worker even commented on how good my skin looked. I had a few breakouts after the initial use, which the blemish serum really helped to clear up. Also I usually hate how sunscreen feels on my face, but I have been wearing the Green Apple SPF Moisturizer with no problems. Overall, I love this product line!

Great Peel for Dry Skin!

Review By:LibraryGirl on 1/26/14


I am just finishing up my first jar of this peel and I absolutely love it! I have dry skin that tends to look dull. I use this peel twice a week and it really helps exfoliate and brighten my skin. I like that it goes on clear and washes off easily. It does tingle at first and my skin will turn red while wearing it. The redness fades after about 5 minutes of washing the peel off. I use the peel at night before bed and my skin always looks its best the morning after. I highly recommend this product if you have dry, dull skin.


Review By:Grace on 1/24/14


I am 24 years old with combination skin, and I'm slightly obsessed with skin brightening and anti-aging products. I was skeptical of this peel, since I am used to physical exfoliation, and I was sure this wouldn't do a good job of exfoliating. This peel is nothing short of amazing. My skin was smooth and bright, and it didn't sting or burn like other peels. It's safe enough for me to use on my sensitive skin on my face, neck and decollete, but strong enough to help lighten the skin on my arms and shoulders. If you're looking for a gentle alternative to your typical peel that's chock full of moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients, give the Green Apple Peel a shot!

Awesome product

Review By:Angie on 1/22/14


I love this green apple peel. I'm ordering another one and trying the rest of the green apple line.

Best Face Mask

Review By:Glenna on 1/21/14


This truly leaves my skin brighter and feeling more toned, and with regular use, I have FINALLY stopped breaking out.

Skin Repair!

Review By:Marie on 1/20/14


I like to use this product when my skin is red, blotchy, and irritated at night. I wake up with a more even tone, less redness, and clearer skin.

Instantly Amazing!

Review By:Janine on 1/20/14


I'm pretty new to Juice Beauty products but this is my favorite product so far. After just 10 minutes on your face, you can see instant results! Skin is firmer, brighter and literally glows. I love the fact that the ingredients are natural unlike other harsh chemical peels, using this there is nothing it feel guilty about only things to feel good about.

Love it!

Review By:Alison on 1/16/14


I've used this in combo with the rest of the line. My skin looks like its never looked before!

Awesome product

Review By:Jenna on 1/15/14


I bought a small 0.5 0z. tube of this peel, and loved it. I went out and bought the entire anti-aging kit. This peel is great, smells like an apple, and dries fast. When you wash it off, your skin is completely transformed: very soft, glowing, and radiant. I use this once a week to exfoliate and help reduce the signs of aging. I also have sensitive skin, but I can use the full strength peel, because it's naturally all organic! I have always loved Juice Beauty products, and will use them for life.

This stuff is great!

Review By:Michelle on 1/13/14


I love, love this peel. I use it twice a week to help keep my breakouts at bay. It really helps! My skin feels so smooth afterward, and I love how it still looks fresh and bright in the morning too. The verdict is still out on my hyperpigmentation....I am not sure if it lightening anything yet, but it is at least helping me to stay clear! I hope they never stop making this product!

Best peel ever!!!

Review By:Yovina on 1/13/14


I tried the sensitive one before I got this for my birthday
I love it! I use it once a week. My skin is glowing. I get acne once in a while and it would leave mark. The peel helps speed up clearing the blemish/mark.
I also use it for the back of my hands to prevent wrinkles.

Love it!

Review By:Melanie on 1/13/14


Have you ever had a facial so awesome that you buy all the products and end up disappointed because you didn't get any results? Well never fear, this peel gets results! After just one use my skin felt more firm and had a nice glow. After several uses some of my hyperpigmentation have faded and those fine lines that start popping up in our 30's are definitely fading. Everyone should use this!

Perfect for dry winter skin

Review By:deni5 on 1/12/14


Living in the Northeast with cold winters tends to make my skin look gray and dry. The Green Apple Peel has been my go to peel and a must have to make my skin soft,rosy and nourished. Love love this product and can't live without it!!

Love this product

Review By:Deb on 1/12/14


I really love this peel, it makes my skin feel so soft and clean. I have mature skin and it leaves a nice feel to my skin, not tight but moisturized and it looks great. Will order this again.

Awesome product

Review By:Deb on 1/12/14


This peel makes your skin feel so soft and clean. I love this product and will order it again!

Happy Camper

Review By:Amanda on 1/12/14


I was so pleased with how my skin looked and felt after using this product. My skin was so clear and felt so soft for a week after using this peel. I usually have very sensitive skin also so I was not sure what the results would be. I would recommend this for anyone.

a mask staple in my skincare regime

Review By:Meredith Bower Holt on 1/12/14


I have a lot of different masks, but this is one that I won't be without. I've used this for years now on a regular basis -- it is truly effective and packed full of terrific ingredients. My skin is bright and clear (well, except for that time of the month) and my fine lines are minimized after use. I love the smell, too!

ctrl+z for real life

Review By:Sunny on 1/11/14


I like to use this as a real life undo button. If I've been lazy with my skincare or had harsh environment exposure and my skin starts to look bad because of it, I'll use this mask. It brings my glow back and seems to work on blemishes just as well as their acne version of this mask. There is a warm tingle during use (not so with the less concentrated acne version of this) but it isn't obtrusive or long lasting. I received it as a sample, but I plan to buy the full size when I run out.

You can feel it working!

Review By:Aimee Proulx on 1/11/14


I saved for this for a LONG time and it was worth the wait. I started slowly replacing all the chemicals in our house a couple years ago and everything I put on my face was the last to go, but I'm so glad I finally made the switch. I use my face A LOT when I talk; I have some very deep laugh/cry/angry lines just above my nose between my eyebrows- they are large and DEEP. However, within a week those lines were softening and disappearing! When I saw that happen, even though its a bit strong, I started letting the peel migrate up a little towards my crows feet- I'm saving for the eye serum! Thank you Juice Beauty!

Awesome peel!

Review By:Megan on 1/10/14


I love using this peel 2 times a week and I have noticed a big change in the appearance of my skin. It is smoother, my pores are smaller, and overall my oily skin isn't as shiny. I have used this peel for about 3 months so far and there is still plenty left for many more months of use. A definite must buy!

Micro-dear abrasion move over.....!

Review By:Janet Diebold on 1/10/14


Hi all, my name is Jan and I am 57 years young, a breast cancer survivor and have eaten organic foods for the past 10 years. When I found " Juice Beauty " products I was thrilled because not only are they ORGANIC but endorsed by Ms. Silverstone. (" Blast From The Past", is my FAVORITE movie). Any hoo..... I was so excited to try the products! I actually love them all, they have far exceeded my expectations. (I am a diagnostic ultrasonographer so I am very picky ... Ok maybe a little perfectionist !) The Green Apple Peel ( full strength) is AMAZING! I was indulging in micro dermabrasion treatment as often as I could afford them ( sun worshiper and horse women ) but realized after using this product I didn't need to continue those treatments. This product is amazing... And I don't use that word lightly! I saw the difference in the tone texture and luminance of my skin from the very first treatment. I actually NEVER promote product lines, but this product is so awesome I had to weight in ! Keep up the good ORGANIC work, and God Bless!

It's Okay.

Review By:Morgan on 1/10/14


I tried it and it did seem to do okay for my skin at first. I think my skin got used to it over time and it doesn't really do anything for my skin anymore except make it more oily. It's very good for the first couple of tries and well worth it, but with constant use your skin may become immune to it.

Amazing product!

Review By:Janet on 1/10/14


I am 48 years old and was looking for something to make my skin look fresh, the pores smaller, and rejuvenate my look. This product is amazing, and it truly works. My skin is soft and glows! Combined with the anti-aging serum, it is a fantastic line that keeps the skin tight and smooth!

Aging Skin Loves This!

Review By:Jean on 1/10/14


I'm on the far side of 65 so my skin is dry with fine lines showing. I also had some dullness/sallowness. My skin is a little sensitive, easily sunburned, yet I use the full strength Green Apple Peel twice a week with great results: smoother, clearer, finer pores and better color. I'm hooked. Lasts a long time. Don't want to be without it!

Great PEEL!!

Review By:Karen on 1/10/14


This is an awesome peel- instant brightening. Very please with the results and just ordered more as I was just about out!

I really like it

Review By:Courtney on 1/10/14


I got this as a gift, as I had been eyeing it for a while and told family members about it. I've only used it a few times, but so far so good. I was worried originally it might be too harsh, or make me break out as my skin can be fairly sensitive to some products, but it hasn't yet. Actually it seems to be helping blemishes, which it doesn't actually say it does. Your face does get red after washing, but then it'll go away within a half-hour or so. The biggest thing that I liked about this, was that it gets all the dry skin off and make my skin look sooo good. I even had people comment on it, which never happens as I have acne marks, but even those don't seem as harsh as they were. It hasn't lighten them yet, but the overall tone of my face seems to be brighter and less blotchy. I love it and can't wait to see what the results will be in a month.

Fantastic product and truly delivers!

Review By:Amanda on 1/10/14


I originally received this as a free sample with some purchases I made from Juice Beauty (although the sample was the sensitive version). I tried it one afternoon and noticed that my skin looked instantly brighter! Soon after I went to Ulta and tried out the full strength version to see if I had any sensitivity issues. I had none, so I bought the it! I have combination skin and a few dark spots on my face from my days spent working outdoors. This peel has faded all of my dark spots quite noticeably! My skin is a little red after using this, but this is normal! I also gave this to my mother-in-law that has a much darker complexion than I do and really struggles with dark spots. Her skin is very sensitive, so I bought her the sensitive version. She also loves it and is incredibly pleased to see that her dark spots are also fading! I recommend this to all of my friends and family!

Must have!

Review By:Tiffany on 1/10/14


I am suffering with bad acne and this green apple peel has been a life saver! Nothing else has worked for me but this amazing peel! In only 2 weeks my skin has never looked better!

Best peel I've ever used!

Review By:Jennifer on 1/10/14


This peel is at a professional level and VERY effective! A little goes a long way and it is worth every penny! When I use this peel weekly, I have no issues with acne (even hormonal acne that rarely is affected by anything but birth control or medications!) I also don't notice any blackheads like I would when I was not using it. I have experimented with this product and come to the conclusion that my skin likes it, loves it, and wants more of it! ;) Also... I feel good about supporting an honest, responsible company! And it smells yummy!

Must try!!

Review By:Pamela Bagwell on 1/10/14


How do I choose a favorite? My 25 year old daughter's face looked so fresh and blemish free I had to ask her what she was doing. She said, "Mom, I have found this product called Juice Beauty and my face has just cleared up after using it. You should give it a try!" Well, I am 55 and have rosacea along with adult acne from time to time. I could never find a product to soothe my skin and calm down the irritation - until now! I can't express how thrilled I am with not only the skin peel (and, yes, I can even use the full strength peel!) but with the whole product line. About two weeks after using the stem cellular line I noticed the bumps from my rosacea were almost gone. A month after using the products my face was smooth and clear and I now choose whether or not to even use makeup! And the best part is that I feel good using it! I know I am using the best and safest ingredients on my face. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product.

Great Product! No other like it!

Review By:Kristie on 1/10/14


This product is great. I have melisma from my 2 pregnancies which will always be with me. This is the first nonchemical product that can help me keep it at bay. Definitely diminishes my spots and keeps the skin looking great.


Review By:Sam on 1/10/14


Love this product... Works fantastic!

Does wonders for dark patches

Review By:Mrskbobbjr on 1/6/14


I bought the full-strength peel about 6 weeks ago and love it. I was a bit worried at first since I had used the peel for sensitive skin before and had issues with redness. According to the jar, redness & tingling are normal. I noted that other users saw improvement with dark patches or melasma which is the reason I wanted to try the full-strength peel. I had a series of photofacials about 2 yrs ago that helped a little with the melasma but not worth what I paid for them. Since I started using this peel (once or twice a week) I've seen noticeable improvement to the point that I can barely see an area that used to be pretty dark. Others mentioned that their fine lines have diminished. I haven't noticed this specifically but I also haven't really been looking. As for the redness, I still get quite a bit of redness but now that I know it's normal, I don't worry about it. I use the peel at times when I know I don't have to be anywhere for awhile and it's not a problem.

My skin looks and feels very fresh too!

I'm in love!

Review By:Stacie on 10/30/13


No more fines lines here. They went away with the dark spots, dead skin, and white heads. It does a great duty with ridding my acne (which it does not claim to do.) Smooth, clear skin and smiles are what you find on this face.

Very effective on my sensitive skin even at ful...

Review By:Elizabeth on 9/18/13


I bought this at my local natural pharmacy, rather than online, because I wanted to test out the two different strengths. I applied a bit of both the sensitive and the full strength peels to my face and shopped for about 10 minutes. Neither one caused me any sensitivity, so I bought the full-strength peel. I'm now on my second jar and am very happy with the product.

After the first use, my skin appeared brighter, and with further use, my skin is smoother and clearer. I have not yet seen significant changes in fine lines, but I think that will come with time. Right now, I'm more concerned about acne than about wrinkles, anyway.

The first few times I used it, I only left it on for about 10 minutes (as the instructions indicate), but since then I've found I can leave it on for about 45 minutes to maximize results without any problem. Obviously, you will want to test leaving this on that long on a small patch of your own skin before trying it on your full face, but it works for me.

When I first heard "peel," I thought about that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha looks scary after getting a peel. Your face is not going to look like that! At worst, it will be red for a little while after you rinse/wash this peel off. Then it will go back to looking normal (but better).

Must have product - but packaging?

Review By:Erica on 8/13/13


Love this peel, find it instantly brightens my face and helps my complexion. I'm late 20s with hormonal acne, olive complexion, hyperpigmentation. Purchased the full size after falling in love with the sample, and I leave it on a little longer than 10 mins once a week. HOWEVER, docking a star because I think this would be much more effectively packaged in a tube. It's a liquid, not a cream or gel, and yet somehow they put it in a tub.

love this

Review By:kathy on 7/3/13


this is an amazing product - does anybody know - can you use it to lighten freckles on your arms too ??? thanks

Gentle and Effective

Review By:Freckles on 6/23/13


I've used many different peels on my fair skin, so I have quite a bit to compare this to. My skin is not overly sensitive, but some peels leave it itchy and dry - this was not the case with Juice's product! I could feel it working, but it wasn't overwhelming. When I washed it off, my skin was not red, but it looked exfoliated and refreshed. I also like that it seemed to make the nose strip that I used afterwards more effective in removing blackheads. I definitely recommend this as a part of your weekly skincare regimen.

Miracle peel

Review By:Stacey on 12/8/12


I first met this product at a spa, but only just started using it once a week after a new moisturizer made my face break out. This product is so great. Not only did it immediately calmed my skin, but I no longer have to wear moisturizer (or makeup!). My skin is firm, hydrated, and supple and my pores have all but disappeared. I've never felt better about my skin—and I'm 46!

Great Peel, Does what they claim!

Review By:Daniele on 11/26/12


I have combination skin and I use this 2-3x a week. I noticed the day after using it the first time that my skin tone was more even, the texture wasn't as bumpy from residual comedones and it felt softer too. I will buy this again.

Loving this stuff

Review By:Eli on 10/23/12


This is great for hormonal middle aged skin that has decided to become eruptive! I am using it 2x a week- along with the blemish serum and powder. Who thought I'd have skin problems at 50??i am trying the cleanser too- which is delightful. It's only been a few weeks, but I am also noticing brighter, more even toned skin as well.
LOVE it!

very satisfied

Review By:new to juiced beauty on 1/29/12


Clears up congested pores and brightens skin, just wear sunscreen no makeup needed. Thanks juiced beauty, will be buying more.

Best Product EVER!

Review By:Sammy on 12/29/11


Everyone who I've recommended this product to has love it, as well! It leaves my face soft and the texture of my skin is so much nicer after using this peel.


Review By:Amanda on 10/14/11


I am in my late 20’s and still get occasional brake outs, I bought the green apple peel for my wedding and the jar lasted about 8 months! I thought maybe I was finally growing out of my acne and when the jar ran out I hesitated to buy another, it’s a little pricy. Well my skins acting up again and I have tried other brands, but nothing works as well as this does. I just ordered another jar and I can’t wait for it to come in the mail, clear skin here I come.

Best Peeling Product ever

Review By:Rick on 6/17/11


I love this product! It's indeed the best peeling product I've ever tried.. Never found any other peeling/exfoliating product like this on the market. Yes, it's a bit pricey, but once you try use it you'll know the difference! Plus, considering the price of the actual dermatologist peeling out there, this is definitely the best alternative you can get on the counter! Definitely recommend this product for those out there who would try to get facial peeling treatment... Truly works to reveal smoother and more radiant complexion. Loooveee this Green Apple Peel!

Get Involved!! I can't live without this stuff ...

Review By:MyVerySpicyLife on 5/23/11


This has got to be one of the best beauty products I've ever tried - no lie. I have dry 30-something skin that has always forced me to cheat with highlighters in order to achieve anything close to a dewy glow -- until I found Green Apple Peel!!

This product is absolutely perfect -- I have been using it 2 or 3 times per week without any sensitivity or redness, and my skin has been radiant and blemish-free for over a month now. I HAVE to have this product in my arsenal -- if you're on the fence, do yourself a favor and give it a try!

My only (tiny) complaint is that I don't enjoy digging the product out of the jar and getting everything goopy. I suggested a pump and the company seemed very receptive to the idea!!

Great Stuff!

Review By:gabe on 5/11/11


I use it religiously, and I've really seen a marked difference.

Wonder skincare!

Review By:Calola on 2/2/11


I'm in my mid fifties and have taken pretty good care of my skin. I started using whatever flavor of skin care was on the market back in my 20's. Recently, I've noticed some blotchiness and "mystery" marks appearing.. most likely age spots. I must say after trying the Age Defying kit for only 2 days, I feel I now have a skincare army at my disposal! Wow! You can really feel the ingredients going to work, and the after effect is nothing short of incredible. Without a doubt I will continue to use this product. I'm a happy "girl" again!

Best peel for reducing wrinkles

Review By:Lissett on 2/1/11


I've tried several peels and this one is the only one that actually reduces the appearance of wrinkles with consistent use. I highly recommend it.


Review By:Jodi B on 10/21/10


I love the Green Apple Peel. It makes my skin feel and look so good after using it!

On a scale of 1 to 10 this stuff is an 11!

Review By:Flyguy on 8/25/10


I'm a guy in my mid-twenties and have oily combination skin. I get periodic breakouts (various pimples, some whiteheads). This stuff works WONDERS! Worth every penny! Firms and reduces appearance of aging in addition to clearing up skin. Results take days NOT weeks. My face turns somewhat red after usage (this is the only product that has done that). I'm told it's due to the Alpha-Hydroxies working. Results are dramtically noticeable as I rubbed my hand on skin before and after.

new user

Review By:Jacinta on 4/21/10


I just purchased and used it for the first time, i have the sensitive one though.
At first i freaked out how red it made my face look but its going back to normal and feels amazing! im hoping it will fix my bad skin tone and bumps from congested pores.
this is the softest my skin has felt!


Review By:emommie on 4/15/10


I received a small bottle of this along with an anti-aging kit. I notice a big difference in my skin after using it. It seems to fade some of my freckling and really seems to reduce the fine lines in my face and make it look smooth and taut. It is very similar (in feeling) to the glycolic peels I have gotten at the dermatologist...slightly less tingly of course! I would definitely recommend this product.

great peel!

Review By:bronwick on 3/28/10


I love the Green Apple Peel. It leaves my skin feeling tingly and refreshed! It isn't too harsh and a little bit goes a long way.

Great Peel

Review By:SheBros on 3/25/10


I really like this peel and am repurchasing for the 3rd time. I have combo skin with hyperpigmentation. I find this peel really brightens up my complexion and makes my skin feel super smooth. It has a light real apple scent, no artificial scent that most products have. I use a generous amount making sure that my face is covered in a thick layer of the peel. I find that using more produces better results for my skin and my skin can tolerate it just fine. My face is usually red for 20-30 minutes after use. But, I use it at night so that is not a problem. Plus, it doesn't contain all the harsh chemicals that other lines use. I highly recommend this.

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