This creamy formula deeply cleanses and removes makeup with organic neroli and grape seed oils, while soothing normal, aging, or sensitive skin with organic chamomile and calendula. A Daily Essential perfect for cleansing and removing makeup.

Size:6.75 fl oz / 200 mL
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Who Should Use It?

Juice Beauty's Cleansing Milk is designed for all skin types and especially beneficial for normal, dry, sensitive, or mature skin.


  • Removes makeup effectively.
  • Hydrating cleansing action with neroli, grapeseed, aloe, sesame & sunflower.
  • Tones with resveratrol from grapeseed.
  • Soothes and replenishes with botanical extracts of chamomile, calendula, & linden.
  • Feeds the skin with rich nutrients of Vitamins C & B5.
  • Emollient action with Vitamin E.

Powerful Action Without

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Resveratrol, Grape Juice (Organic) Resveratrol, Grape Juice (Organic) (vitis vinifera) Rich in vitamins; potent tartaric alpha-hydroxy acid, rich in resveratrol antioxidants to help promote beautiful skin.
Aloe Leaf Juice (Organic) Aloe Leaf Juice (Organic) (aloe barbadensis) Rich in glycoproteins and soothing properties, can help improve hydration and skin's natural moisture content.
Red Raspberry (Organic) Red Raspberry (Organic) (rubus idaeus) Rich in vitamins, hydroxy acids, phenols; provides potent antioxidants that can help promote beautiful skin.
Chamomile Flower Chamomile Flower (matricaria chamomilla) Soothing and antioxidant properties.
Linden Leaf Linden Leaf (tilia europea) Potent antioxidant that can help soothe and calm.
Resveratrol, Grape Seed Oil Resveratrol, Grape Seed Oil (vitis vinifera) Resveratrol and antioxidant-rich.
Sunflower Oil (Organic) Sunflower Oil (Organic) (helianthus annuus) Rich source of Vitamin-E with emollient, softening and moisturizing properties.
Sesame Oil (Organic) Sesame Oil (Organic) (sesamum indicum) Emollient and softening properties.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic juices of vitis vinifera (organic white grape juice)*, rubus idaeus (organic red raspberry juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, vegetable glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, organic plant oils of carthamus tinctorius (organic safflower seed oil)*, helianthus annuus (organic sunflower seed oil)*, sesamum indicum (organic sesame seed oil)*, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond oil), vitis vinifera (grape seed oil), cetearyl alcohol, gluconolactone, cetearyl glucoside, sorbitan stearate, sodium benzoate, botanical extracts of calendula officinalis (marigold flower extract), chamomilla recutita (chamomile extract), tilia cordata (linden flower extract), boswellia carterii (frankincense extract), tocopherol (Vitamin E), ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C), panthenol (Vitamin B5), xanthan gum, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, allantoin, sodium hydroxide, citrus aurantium dulcis (organic sweet orange & sweet neroli)* , chamomilla recutita (chamomile) and boswellia carterii (organic frankincense) pure essential oils

* = Certified organic ingredient


Cleanse morning and evening by massaging into damp skin with a circular motion. Follow with Juice Beauty's Antioxidant Serum and Nutrient Moisturizer.


Use to shave legs, underarms and face for a hydrating and natural and organic shaving alternative. Follow shaving routine with Juice Beauty's Soothing Serum. Cleansing Milk also can be used as a makeup remover.

Additional Information:

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Children and Teen
Skin Concern: General Health

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

I love, love, love this cleanser

Review By:Linda on 2/24/2016


Oh, I just love, love cleansing milk. And this one of my favorites. It feels and smells so good while I'm cleansing and my skin feels fabulous after I use it.

I do notice a lot of make-up residue on my face/washcloth/toner pads after I am done. I researched this and learned I need to wash my face for 30-60 seconds. I have never done that! The key to clean skin is wash your face longer, not to use harsher products or abrasive washing techniques. I have found that patience results a cleaner washcloth and toner pads. I also happened to pick up some gentle and sanitary silicone face scrubbing pads-- that improves results also and is much gentler than a washcloth.

Another trick I just learned is to loosen make-up with coconut oil before cleansing-- especially eye make-up. I haven't tried that yet, but both of these steps for cleaning are recommended before cleansing--no matter what brand you use.

Not a fan

Review By:Nicole on 1/11/2016


I'm really not a fan of this cleanser. It doesn't leave my skin feeling that clean, but my biggest complaint is that it doesn't remove my makeup AT ALL. I ordered them on Amazon and don't feel like going through the trouble to return but if I could I would. Really disappointed!

Love it

Review By:Stacey on 9/21/2015


I received this in an Ipsy bag. AND I LOVE IT!. I have dry skin and th is this really helps me with the flakiness I get with other cleansers. I also have to say that I am saving money because it does take off my make up. I wear waterproof mascara and it melts away with this. I love it, so I am now buying a full size and will use nothing else!

Does not remove makeup well

Review By:ggaa on 9/19/2015


I've been using the cleansing milk for over a month now. The texture of it feels nice. I wear the stem cellular cc cream and a very light dust of bare minerals powder over it. Even after washing with the cleansing milk (it says it also removes makeup on the description, which is why I bought it), I see so much makeup on my cotton ball soaked in the juice beauty hydrating mist toner as if it didn't really clean my face.

not an eye makeup remover

Review By:melanie on 7/24/2015


a sales lady at Ulta stopped me on my way to pickup my favorite Bliss eye makeup remover and said this was better. I was skeptical, but bought a travel kit to try the products. THIS DOES NOTHING TO REMOVE MASCARA! All the products are nice but since I was specifically looking for eye makeup remover I'm horribly disappointed.

Trying to love it

Review By:LORI on 7/21/2015


After running out of my regular face wash, the Green Apple Brightening wash, I tried this one by default as the store was out of the other. I was a bit skeptical as I had already tried the Stem Cellular 2 in 1 Face Cleaner and was not a fan of that due to it's oily texture. Although this milk isn't quite as oily, it still leaves my face feeling extremely moisturized. I find myself doing extra rinses. Also....the claim on the bottle to be a make remover is weak. With the Apple Brightening wash, that is all I have to use to clean my face free from all makeup including eye makeup. With this milk, eye makeup remover is a must!! I've ordered another Brightening cleaner and will keep this to use after I actually wash my face and it feels clean to do a quick once over to leave my face feeling moisturized if I don't want to do the whole face regimen.


Review By:Bryn on 7/5/2015


i've been using this product for 5 years now and wouldn't trade it for the world. i have super sensitive skin that rashes up at the merest whisper of anything not good for it. I get so many comments about how beautiful my skin is. Def highly recommended. Oh, and if you have super sens skin like's always good to test a sample of any new product you want to use. While it may be all organic, there may be an allergen specific to your skin in it. This saves you money and time spent waiting for your poor skin to calm down.

Organic surprise!!

Review By:Kayla on 6/29/2015


I just purchased this cleansing milk at Ulta Beauty today. And I am writing this review to warn anyone and everyone about this organic cleansing milk this is my first time using this brand and I just washed my face 5 mins ago and I look up in the mirror and my face is so red itchy irritated this is not acceptable at all I am very annoyed I have the most redest,itchy rashed up face!!,,right now I feel like I'm about to rip my face apart it is unacceptable to see my face go threw this ,just me period! this is going back asap! (Would but it's closed right now aka ulta) just be warned! anyone even though it says its for sensitive skin watch out because you'll get your own organic surprise!! My skin feels like sandpaper right now very tight .just disgusting ...

Love it

Review By:Taniele on 6/11/2015


I've been using this for a few years now and I just love how gentle it is on my sensitive skin and I love that it's really feeding my skin as it cleanses! Love love love

LOVE this product!

Review By:Amanda on 6/11/2015


I have tried so many different cleansers over the years and I finally found one that I absolutely love! I have very sensitive skin and break out easily. I have been using this for 6 months now and I extremely happy with it!

Picky and so far so good

Review By:Anne on 4/20/2015


I have sensitive skin with dryness/redness/tightening
This milk cleanser is nice in texture. Takes a bit of effort to glide over the skin, but that doesn't bother me. I've read people are having sensitive reactions to the cleanser with cystic acne and redness. I wouldn't be surprised if that is because of the acidic fruit extracts--doesn't sit well with some people's skin. Acidic fruits are clarifying and this might be a bother to those with dry skin living in colder climate. For example, I can't do pineapple because it's just too strong. Because this is a milk, it's not too abrasive. Hope that helps some people...

delayed sensitive skin reaction?

Review By:RGB on 4/9/2015


I have almost used half the bottle... and now every time I use it i get horrid red itchy burning splotches on my face and neck, so needless to say it will go in the trash ugh .. frustrated and disappointed, I thought I would finally find something that could work..I first used it and just slight tingly sensation no biggy, smelled great, was creamy and soft and now this Im sorry I really wanted to give more stars but just cant ... will go back to coconut oil and water ugh least your nutrient moisturizer works for me just fine

Does Not remove all eye makeup

Review By:Rita on 4/3/2015


While this is a lovely facial cleansing cream/milk it does NOT remove all eye makeup. So I still have to use another product to remove mascara.
That is why I give it only a 4 star rating.135

Amazing Product

Review By:Brandy P. on 3/16/2015


I recently tried the cleansing milk in a travel pack. I'm 40, and this is the best thing I have ever used to wash my face with. It does not leave my skin dried-out feeling, there is no redness or irritation, and my skin feels so clean and soft! I highly recommend it.

Acne and Hives

Review By:Lerin Oystryk on 2/14/2015


Unfortunately this product has wreaked havoc on my face. My mom switch to this brand a couple of months ago and loves so I decided to try. I have been using the cleansing milk for the last week and although I love the smell of the product my skin has broken out with small bumps of acne and hives. My face is not prone to acne at all. Normally I get one small bump before my menstrual period but thats it. I am really disappointed in this product as I had high hopes. Sadly I would NOT recommend.


Review By:Patricia on 1/9/2015


I've had extremely problematic skin all my life. I have a history of using harsh cleansers in hopes that their strength would clear my skin. I decided to give this product a try for make-up removal purposes and now I'm addicted to it because it has cleared my skin. Although not advertised as an acne solution, its gentle formula is exactly what my skin needed. After struggling with acne for 10+ years I'm happy to say that I feel confident about my skin.


Review By:Marina on 12/2/2014


It's not for sensitive skin!!!


Review By:Maryna on 12/2/2014


After I washed my face with this Cleansing Milk my face was so red and I felt like burning. I'm not sure what it is, probably I have allergy on something. I've never had this reaction on anything.

It's getting returned!

Review By:Gijhanny on 12/1/2014


I ordered this product as it was recommended by the customer service person I emailed with. I normally use all the green apple line and have loved it! But since it's winter I thought I'd use something more gentle and less drying.
I only used it 3 times. The first time I had no make up on so I thought it was great, despite it leaving my face RED for about 1 hour, it calmed down once I applied the soothing serum and Nutrient Moisturizer. Second day, I did have make up on and this DOES NOT REMOVE MAKE UP! :( I was so disappointed to see my towel all stained with make up. I had to use the last of my Green Apple cleanser. (btw, the redness went away as soon as I cleansed with the Green Apple cleanser) Third time was just experimental, I used it and same thing happened. I don't have sensitive skin so I don't know why this would make my skin SO RED for so long, and can't understand why the redness went away as soon as used another cleanser. Glad they have the return policy but wish they wouldn't charge me for the shipping as clearly this product does not remove make up as good as it promises. (I even sent them a picture of the towel)

Not sure yet

Review By:Janelly on 10/9/2014


The texture of this product is great I like the non lathering formula it rinses off clean and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. This was within a few minutes of rinsing. While I finished off doing my hair before applying the green apple serum and moisturizer I received as a trial sample the cleansing milk had made my skin incredibly red and puffy. I looked like I got a wax all over my face. My skin is sensitive and has been breaking out I wont give up on this product just yet but I am hoping the redness issue leaves. My skin calmed down once I used the serum and moisturizer however I do not like that the Green Apple Age Defy has DMAE in it.


Review By:Maureen on 10/8/2014


I have been using this product for several months now. I love that it takes off my eye makeup with out irritating my eyes. I have combination skin and this cleanser works great. I am on my second bottle and will continue to purchase!

Just wow

Review By:Gala Zonis on 10/1/2014


I bought this a week ago. I've been using Clinque products for a year, but my skin has been terrible, oily and pimples and just not smooth like it used to be. Literally 4 days after I started using this my skin looks amazing. Never going back!

Best cleanser ever!!

Review By:Rachel on 10/1/2014


I started using this cleanser with the StemCelluar line about 2 months ago. My skin looks and feels amazing. The cleanser is great at removing makeup (even eye make-up) but gentle enough that it doesn't irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. I also used to get monthly breakouts around that time of the month, but since I've started using this cleanser (and the rest of the skin care line), I haven't had one. I've even gotten several compliments on my skin! Thank you JuiceBeauty! Looking forward to trying more JB products!


Review By:Alexandra on 9/21/2014


This product is amazing, great priced, and lasts forever! What more could a girl want??? When my skin gets dry and flaky towards the end of the day, I just wash it with this and it effectively takes all of that away and takes off my makeup without irritating my very sensitive skin! Thank you juice beauty!!!


Review By:Jenna on 9/18/2014


I went to the dermatologist because I was getting dry blotches on my face. She told me I have very sensitive skin and gave me some expensive face wash and creams to use. My sister actually suggested Juice Beauty's cleansing milk and now I'll never go back. This was my first Juice Beauty purchase...followed by several more! Love this product!

Best Cleanser Out There

Review By:Laura on 9/17/2014


Cleansing milk is the very best and my all time favorite cleanser. Why? Because it cleanses your skin, takes off makeup easily, and leaves your face we'll hydrated and toned. I have tried hundreds and always return to this and finally know there is no reason to "wonder" if anything else is as good. Plus the fact that it is a true natural product.


Review By:Melanie on 9/17/2014


I've been using this for the past four months and it's crazy good! I love how it feels and glides on. Definitely very milky and works perfect for my skin.

Great for make up removal

Review By:Carla on 9/10/2014


I have acne prone, oily, sensitive skin. I love this product to remove my make up and for a quick clean up after work. My skin feels clean and smooth.

The Search is Over

Review By:Jenna on 9/9/2014


I make it a goal to put as few foreign ingredients on my body as possible. I am faithful to the paleo lifestyle and try to treat my skin as the rest of my body.. I prefer to stick to nature when/if my budget allows. I received this as a free sample with another Juice Beauty purchase and was hooked from the first wash. It left my natural oils but completely cleansed and removed my makeup. My face feels perfect after this wash. It is the first and only face wash that doesn't make my skin feel tight and stripped. I have yet to have any unexpected acne as I did before and am confident in the Juice Beauty name.


Review By:Kelly on 9/8/2014


This totally transformed my skin. I used to be dry and flaky and nothing (even raw coconut oil) could save my skin from the drying cleansers I had been using before. I WILL NEVER GO BACK. Trust me. Anyone with dry skin needs this in their life. Thank you Juice Beauty for making products that are healthy and WORK.

Can't possibly see how this is for sensitive skin

Review By:Becky on 9/1/2014


The first time I used this my face got all red and I experienced a stinging sensation. I thought maybe my skin just needed an adjustment period (although this had never happened with other sensitive facial cleansers), so I used it a second time the following day after my initial use. Oh my face felt like I had sunburn, and looked it too. It also appeared like swollen welts were starting to form on my cheeks and forehead. It took a few hours for the redness to subside, but my face still felt like to was sunburned for most of the day. I wanted to love this product, but there's no way it's suitable for sensitive skin.

Fantastic Products

Review By:Roslyn Walsh on 8/31/2014


My sister and I both have contact dermatitis and have been going round and round trying to figure out what products to use. It has been so frustrating until we discovered Juice Beauty. These products are simply wonderful and have completely resolved our skin problems. I told my sister this morning that my skin has come alive and looks healthier and clearer than it has in years. Thank you Juice Beauty!


Review By:Linda Prock on 7/30/2014


Love it!

Cleanser doesn't work

Review By:Cindyb on 7/28/2014


This Cleansing Milk face wash does not work. It does not remove my make up/foundation. I have to use astringent after I wash in order to remove the foundation.

Doesn't clean all the make up

Review By:Kelly on 7/3/2014


I like that it doesn't feel like it strips away natural oil from my face, but it doesn't clean all the makeup from my face. I washed my face twice with it, but I still found foundation on the cotton pad I use with my toner.

Amazing Results in 1 use

Review By:Irene on 6/21/2014


I had dry flaky skin around my eyes for over six months. No amount of concealer can hide that. After using this product for the first time yesterday, I am relieved to say that I've found my holy grail face wash. I normally have combination skin, but I've experienced dry parched skin since using a very harsh tea tree oil face wash. It completely dried the skin around my eyes and for several months, I've had irritated, red itchy, flaky skin. I've scoured the high end cosmetic stores to find a gentle cleanser that can help heal my skin issue. Unfortunately, I found this product too late. I wish I had found it sooner. I'm just happy I have it now. I use this product with my Clarisonic brush and It's completely healed my red irritated skin. I have no flakes falling off the skin around my eyes anymore. I'm going to be buying more very soon.

Great cleanser

Review By:Stefanie on 5/30/2014


I really like this cleansing milk. I use it at night along with the rest of the Green Apple regimen. It leaves my skin looking clean and soft. I do use it to remove my eye makeup as well, but it is not great at removing tough mascara.

Love It!

Review By:Joy on 5/28/2014


This works great for me. My skin was oily when I was younger, but needs nourishing now that I am older. Of course, use water to lather it on the face and neck as with any cleanser.

NOT for the sensitive skin

Review By:whitney on 5/24/2014


Product is not for me, i have mildly sensitive and fair skin. Irritation and redness :( sad

Decent Product

Review By:Roslynn on 3/22/2014


This cleanser is light and creamy, and for my sensitive skin I need to mix it with water or else it will sting my face. So far, it hasn't caused any breakouts, but hasn't helped with any either. Decent product, I suppose.

LOVE LOVE This Cleanser!!!

Review By:Mya on 3/6/2014


I don't really have bad breakouts and acne, but I have very dry, patchy skin with red spots and really uneven, not to mention HORRIBLE black heads. I have been using this cleanser for a couple months now and I LOVE it!! It really evens out my skin, keeps it moisturized, and just basically keeps my skin beautiful! The blackheads are clearing up and WAY less noticeable(trust me this is a MIRACLE! I have extremely stubborn blackheads that I have NEVER been able to get rid of before.) I will def be repurchasing and telling everyone I know about Juice Beauty! Love all their products. I also use all their makeup because they work amazing(:

My Favorite

Review By:Taniele on 1/30/2014


Although it is SO hard picking one to be your "favorite" when it comes to Juice Beauty products , I have to say Cleansing Milk is wonderful! I just want to say I use to constantly exfoliate my blemished/sensitive/dry skin with another brand and it wasn't until Juice Beauty that I finally found relief! Now I use all Juice Beauty and my skin is gorgeous!

Silky Smooth

Review By:Rose on 1/30/2014


The scent of the Cleansing Milk is pleasant and subtle, like milk, to be exact. It thoroughly improved the texture and tone of my skin dramatically, smoothing out lines and dry spots and softening my skin unlike other abrasive products with harsh chemicals and "natural" ingredients. One of my favorite things about Juice Beauty is that they are organic, which is rare. I am grateful to have such wonderful products for my skin.

I am a new customer~Love the Products!

Review By:Patty on 1/30/2014


I am 65 years old & have tried many skin care lines. I am using Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk & the serum & I purchased with it. In one week my skin is so HAPPY! Love that it is organic!

A Canadian Must Have

Review By:Kelley on 1/29/2014


The cold, dry air doesn't have a chance to impact my skin when I use the Cleansing Milk. It's nourishing and protecting so it never leaves my skin stripped and dry. I had to knock it down one drop due to the redness I sometimes get if I leave it on my face for a few moments too long (if I'm steaming my face in the shower). Note, I do have sensitive skin that reacts to most things I put on it. Overall, it's a cleanser of choice for me!

Gently whisks away makeup

Review By:heather on 1/28/2014


This product is so light yet gets rid of makeup without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry. Love!

Great cleanser!

Review By:Maria on 1/23/2014


This cleanser is perfect for this time of year when you might be experiencing dry skin. It's like you used a moisturizer and all you did was cleanse your face.

LOVE this cleanser!

Review By:Elizabeth on 1/21/2014


Love the way this cleanser feels on my face and my skin looks great! I feel good knowing that I'm not putting harmful chemicals onto my skin.

My Trusted Daily Cleanser

Review By:Ashley on 1/17/2014


I've been using this cleanser for about two years now on a daily basis. I love it and it seems to work well. I like how thick it is, makes lathering easier; and I love how gentle it is on my sensitive skin. I encourage all my friends to try it.

I would call this moisturizing milk!

Review By:Sara on 1/15/2014


I used this product for the first time last night. I was very impressed. It removed all of my make-up very quickly and I mean without a trace!! Even the eyeliner and mascara that usually ends up streaking down the sides of my eyes!!! After I was done, I was amazed at how nice my skin felt it was almost like there was a moisturizer in the cleanser. I am would highly recommend this product.

Great makeup remover!

Review By:Jenna on 1/14/2014


I recently got this product in the mail for free, as long as I wrote a review about it. I really love the texture, and smell of this cleansing milk, doesn't dry out my skin, and it's 100% organic. How much better can it get? Well, it also works great as a makeup remover, erasing those reluctant black stains left behind from your most stubborn mascara. Also, my face never felt tight, or dry, and had a nice glow and softness about it. I loved this so much, that I went out and bought more products from Juice Beauty.

Cleansing Milk for desert country

Review By:Carole Jacobs on 1/13/2014


I live in High desert country and wasn't happy with cleansing lotions since they took moisture from my dry skin. I discovered cleansing milk and found that it was wonderful for cleansing my face and still leaving moisture to my skin. I read the ingredients and was happy that they were top of the line ingredients also. I have shared this with some of my friends living here in my town and they all agree. Happy that I discovered such a fantastic product as Juicy's Beauty cleansing milk. Never to old to learn new products


Review By:Virnen on 1/11/2014


Cleansing Milk Daily Essentials helped rebalance my sensitive skin by cleansing impurities accumulated dirt at the end of the day. It doesn't irritate, not drying out my face & not break me out. These gentle, soft cleanser remove dirt, oil and even make-up. I love the gentle all natural contents on it. No harsh ingredients, it's the only cleanser i trusted so with no doubt i recommend it to my friends.

At Last

Review By:Lauren on 1/11/2014


For a long time now I have been searching for a cleanser that will rejuvenate, rather than irritate, my skin. I have finally found one that does wonders for it! This is such a perfect combination of moisture and softness. I love this product.

Finally!!! Something that treats my skin!

Review By:Lisa Kennedy on 1/11/2014


I've been on the hunt for animal cruelty free products that don't cost a fortune and actually do what they say they are going to. I have super sensitive skin and hate to switch products. I was so pleasently surprised to find that I didn't have a negative reaction when I switched to the organic cleansing milk!!!! And I saw positive results within a skin looks clearer and brighter already. The cleansing milk is gentle but still gives you the feeling that you're really getting your skin clean. My face feels moisturized after I clean it, and not dry like it did with my other cleanser... but it doesn't feel oily.... just really clean and refreshed. And as a bonus Juice really gives back and that makes me feel great so not only do I feel like I'm doing something wonderful for myself but for others as well.

Cleared Up Quick

Review By:Mollie on 1/10/2014


I've only used this product twice! Got my Juice Beauty box in the mail yesterday and couldn't wait to try it. My skin is sensitive and reacts harshly to chemicals, so this product was important to my regimen. It took off all my eye make up and left my skin feeling firm and fresh. One pimple that I had on my face the morning before was completely dried up and almost out of sight. I wasn't crazy about the smell, but that's probably because I'm not used to a "non-chemical" smell on my face. It's fantastic and have already started recommending it to my friends and family!

Ann C

Review By:Ann Covello on 1/10/2014


I love this product. At certain times during the year my skin needs a gentler product. This is a cleanser and moisturizer in one step for both sensitive and normal skin.

Love it!

Review By:Flora on 1/10/2014


During the winter months I get very dry skin and this cleanser makes my skin feel amazing! But it doesn't completely remove my makeup, I love it anyway!

I will never buy another face wash

Review By:Stephenie on 1/10/2014


This cleanser makes my life easier and my skin so happy and supple. My face is left feeling clean without feeling dry.

Cleansing Milk

Review By:Sharon on 1/10/2014


I'm a fairly new Juice Beauty user and I love all of it. Truly I do. For some reason I hadn't got around to trying the cleansing milk I purchased in a kit. Guess I wanted to use up what I had. WELL.... finally last week I tried it. It's the most amazing feeling cleanser I've used on my skin. The smell is so clean and it takes make up (even mascara) off very easily. I've found a keeper.

Love this!

Review By:Lisa West on 1/10/2014


I love this cleanser! It makes your skin so soft without being greasy.

LOVE it!

Review By:Patricia on 1/10/2014


This cleansing milk is the BEST facial cleanser I have ever used! After trying the Organics to Clear Skin Kit, I realized it was too harsh for my skin and that I had way more sensitive skin than I thought. But, I still wanted to use a quality product that would get the job done and wouldn't cause me to break out after using it. The cleansing milk is truly perfect! My skin is soft, oil free, and clean after using this without the tight, stretched skin feeling. I am so happy that I contacted Juice Beauty about my skin issues and found the perfect regimen for my skin. My skin has truly never looked so good and I have never felt more confident about it - with or without makeup! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!


Review By:Raad on 1/6/2014


It's been a few days since I've been using this cleanser. This winter, for some apparent reason, my skin has been unbelievably dry and sensitive. The first time I used it, my face stung a little around my cheek and chin area after about 15 seconds. The next morning I used it again to cleanse my face and it started to sting about 7seconds after I started massaging it in (and it stung more than the night before). That same night, I cleansed with it again and it still stung a bit.. This morning, it didn't sting as much but it was still there. I'm hoping this will subside as I use it for a longer time, perhaps my dry skin is getting used to a more natural and organic product.

irritates skin

Review By:Maria on 10/26/2013


Very hard to understand why a cleanser for sensitive skin would have fragrance in it. The cleanser irritates very sensitive skin, which is a pity because otherwise there are many things I like about it. It is non-drying for the very dry skin on my cheeks (one of the very few I know of) and balances oil production in the T-zone. Leaves absolutely no greasy film after patting face dry. I think that it also makes skin look radiant, although my own very sensitive skin in the end looks "radiantly irritated."

Amazing Product

Review By:Stephanie on 7/3/2013


I have extremely sensitive skin, and with all other face-washes I would have almost an allergic reaction to them. My face would get red and puffy, and would just constantly look swollen, so I completely stopped using face wash for about 5 years. I don't have overly bad acne, so this wasn't a huge problem, but I still wanted a face wash for every day use.
This product is the only one I've ever been able to use, and it's amazing. The first day I used it it got rid of the remaining red and puffy I had from my makeup (which I immediately stopped using after I found juice beauty products) and gave my skin a healthy look. Just on the first day! After a month of using Juice Beauty products (cleansing milk, tinted moisturizer, & finishing powder) my skin looks and feels beautiful. I am so happy with these products!!


Review By:Kalynn on 5/15/2013


I'm 15 and have been using this for about 3 months! I have super sensitive skin and hardly break out. It is perfect for cleaning my skin but isn't to harsh! Left my face soft, and didn't cause any break-outs!

great for sensitive skin

Review By:yaba on 4/21/2013


leaves skin feeling moist, clean, and not irritated or tight feeling, well worth the price. i've used it about 3 months now and only used about half the bottle. smells nice too.


Review By:Stacy on 4/2/2013


Love this cleanser. It is very gentle on my sensitive skin! My complexion looks so clear.

Great cleanser - even for oily skin

Review By:A NYC fan on 3/26/2013


I was looking for a new cleanser after my oily skin started flaking and looking awful because of the winter heat and too many showers at the gym using their products. I tried this and my skin looked better immediately - I've been using it for about a month now, and I don't think my skin has ever been this break-out free. I also have rosacea, so the cleanser had its work cut out for it... I use it in the morning with a Clarisonic and in the evening with a washcloth (both for the exfoliation), and it's fabulous. Hooray for a great find!


Review By:Nadia on 1/1/2013


i just used it today , my first application. It IS SUPERBBBBBB!! amazinggggg i have sensitive skin and this is the best cleanser that work for my skin like seriously!

milk love

Review By:cece on 11/30/2012


a must have. i have super sensitive skin that breaks out easily and with this one, it actually is a "nurse" for my skin. Always on my list :)


Review By:R on 7/5/2011


I am 15, i bought the cleansing milk, i was hesitant because it seemed a little expensive, but it turned out to be amazing! I used it twice a day, and i just loved knowing that it was organic and it was good for my skin. It prevented blemishes and breakouts! I loved it :] Smells good too!

Favorite cleanser ever

Review By:Andi on 6/13/2011


Suffering from rosacea/acne for years, this is my favorite cleanser ever. It is calming, refreshing, and soothing to my extremely sensitive skin.

my face can breathe while I sleep

Review By:Desiree on 2/13/2011


I love this cleanser. Most face washes will leave my skin feeling dry and/or scale-like but this one leaves my skin feeling clean and rejuvenated. It is great for waking you up in the morning and perfect for bed time washing because your face will feel clean and soft. I used to not like washing my face before bed because it would be left feeling so dry that I would feel I had to apply additional moisturizers for comfort, only blocking my pores and not allowing my face to breathe while I was sleeping. This one is just fine being used alone. Your skin will feel soft and thoroughly cleansed. In the morning time I follow this up with the refreshing mist spray as a toner just so you know.


Review By:rach on 1/29/2011


i got this because i really wanted an organic facewash and i read gorgeously green and it suggested this one. i use it like twice a day & LOVE IT. smells fresh and if your deciding whether or not to buy it, just buy it. i love it. it also cleared my skin a lot (: BUYBUYBUYBUY

Winter skin wonder!

Review By:Chitown on 11/29/2010


I have sensitive, combination, acne prone skin and this is the Holy Grail for surviving tough Chicago winters.


Review By:Kay on 8/21/2010


The best cleanser I have ever used! Takes off eye makeup no problem and leaves my skin very soft!!


Review By:Mikey on 5/12/2010


This product is outstanding! It is very light and does not dry your skin out at all. I have extremely sensitive skin and this cleanser does not irritate it at all.


Review By:Catherine on 4/7/2010


I love the way my skin feels after using this product. It doesn't feel dry for flaky like soap. I got this as a sample and I'll be using it everyday from now on.

Two Products in One!!

Review By:Kevin on 3/26/2010


I love that I can use this gentle cleanser that leaves my skin soft and refreshed...And it's great for shaving too! Especially on my sensitive skin. My favorite part is knowing I'm not putting horrible chemicals on my face.


Review By:hayley on 3/11/2010


used this once so far
made my skin super soft and glowy
was gentle
smelt amazing


Review By:Nickie on 2/14/2010


What a difference after using this for 1 week.

This is the best

Review By:Chris on 2/14/2010

I absolutely swear by this stuff. My skin has never looked so good!

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Our Difference - Why Juice?

Why Juice?

The difference? Instead of conventional beauty formulations that dilute with added water or use petroleum derivatives such as butylene or propylene glycols that can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice base and then add powerful skin care and makeup ingredients. Formulations packed with nutrients so every antioxidant-rich drop can feed your skin.

Radically Transforming the Chemistry of Beauty

Advanced high potency ingredients
Vitamin C and fruit stem cells, phyto-pigments, vegetable hyaluronic acid, peptides, algae, grapeseed, and natural essentials oils.

Proprietary base of nutrient-rich certified organic botanical juices
Instead of petroleum byproducts or water fillers.

Powerful action formulated without
Parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, dimethicones, coal tar, gluten, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

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