Antioxidant Serum

Clinically proven to help reduce free radicals up to 87%, this lightweight serum feeds your skin with vitamins and antioxidants from certified organic botanical juices, moisturizes with fatty acid-packed plant oils and smoothes the appearance of fine lines with peptides, alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10. The perfect daily vitamin to use after cleansing and before your moisturizer. A Daily Essential for all skin types.

Size:2 fl oz / 60 mL
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Who Should Use It?

Juice Beauty's Antioxidant Serum is designed for all skin types including sensitive skin.


  • Clinically proven to fight free radicals up to 87%.
  • Creates a smoother looking complexion & reduces the appearance of wrinkles with peptides.
  • Replenishes moisture with vegetable hyaluronic acid & vegetable glycerin.
  • Feeds the skin with rich nutrients of algae & vitamins.
  • Smoothes appearance of fine lines with alpha lipoic acid & CoQ10.
  • Fights free radicals with antioxidant-rich resveratrol from organic grapeseed and grape juice.
  • Hydrates and soothes with organic aloe.

Powerful Action Without

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Our products are never tested on animals.

Clinically Validated Age-Defying Antioxidant Protection

  • Reduces free radicals up to 87%*.

*Third party reported results. Individual results may vary.

Resveratrol, Grape Juice (Organic) Resveratrol, Grape Juice (Organic) (vitis vinifera) Rich in vitamins; potent tartaric alpha-hydroxy acid, rich in resveratrol antioxidants to help promote beautiful skin.
Aloe Leaf Juice (Organic) Aloe Leaf Juice (Organic) (aloe barbadensis) Rich in glycoproteins and soothing properties, can help improve hydration and skin's natural moisture content.
Orange (Organic) Orange (Organic) (aurantium dulcis) Rich in vitamins, lycopene, phytonutrients, flavonoids and citric alpha-hydroxy acids; provides powerful antioxidant activity that can be beneficial in helping promote beautiful skin.
Algae Algae Mineral rich; potent antioxidant that can provide emollient and humectant skincare benefits.
Resveratrol, Grape Seed Oil Resveratrol, Grape Seed Oil (vitis vinifera) Resveratrol and antioxidant-rich.
Borage Seed Oil (Organic) Borage Seed Oil (Organic) (borago officinalis) Rich in antioxidants and gamma linolenic acid, which helps promote beautiful skin.
Linseed Seed Oil (Organic) Linseed Seed Oil (Organic) (linum usitatissimum) Rich with antioxidants; can help promote beautiful skin.
Evening Primrose Oil (Organic) Evening Primrose Oil (Organic) (oenothera biennis) Rich in fatty acids providing emollient and conditioning benefits.

Juice Beauty is constantly updating our ingredients to bring you results using the safest, local, organic and natural ingredients possible.

Made with certified organic ingredients.

Current Formula Ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic juices of vitis vinifera (organic white grape juice)*, citrus aurantium dulcis (organic orange juice)*, aloe barbadensis (organic aloe juice)*, vegetable glycerin, saccharomyces cerevisiae extract, gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, lysolecithin, sclerotium gum, xanthan gum, organic essential fatty acids of oenothera biennis (organic evening primrose oil)*, linum usitatissimum (organic linseed oil)*, borago officinalis (organic borage seed oil)*, amyris balsamifera (organic rosewood oil)*, vitis vinifera (grape seed oil), pullulan, organic algae extract, tocopherol (Vitamin E), magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C), ubiquinone (CoQ10), thioctic acid (alpha lipoic acid), dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), sodium hyaluronate (vegetable hyaluronic acid), sodium hydroxide, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, litsea cubeba (organic may chang) pure essential oil

* = Certified organic ingredient


After cleansing, apply to entire face, neck and décolleté morning and evening before moisturizing.


Apply after sun exposure to help reduce free radical damage.

Additional Information:

Skin Type: Mature, Blemished/Oily, Sensitive

Customer ReviewsWrite a Review

Doesn't do Anything

Review By:Kelsie on 9/7/2016


I have sensitive skin that breaks out with anything too heavy on my face, and this product does not do that. It is very light. I've used this serum for several weeks now, and I'm not convinced it does anything ever. I purchased this after being very happy with my purchase of this brand of eye cream; however, that satisfaction didn't translate to the serum. I think it was a waste of money and didn't make any difference.


Review By:Tiffany on 7/29/2016


I didn't realize the importance of a serum until I started using this. Within 3 days I noticed a DRAMATIC difference in the fine lines under my eyes. Within a week of using this product day and night, along with the smoothing eye concentrate, I have noticed dramatic results in my fine lines diminishing around my eyes and brightening the area as well. This product is a complete game changer and I will not go without it again. It is simply amazing. I have extremely sensitive skin and am sensitive to fragrances, but being that these are natural scents and not added fragrance I have no issues with it at all. I am SO HAPPY with my Juice Beauty products. I am in love.

Use sparingly. Nice product

Review By:Linda on 2/24/2016


When I began using the serum I thought it made my face feel a bit sticky- as Kate described earlier. Later I realized that only happens when I use WAY too much. I guess I'm trying to reverse decades of aging by over-applying product to my face : ) Obviously, no can do....

So the lesson is: Apply very lightly and your skin will feel nice. The purpose of a serum to keep the active ingredients in contact with your skin as long as possible, so it's not desirable or useful for a serum to absorb into your skin. It is not necessary to coat your skin with a thick layer.

I use the serum every night and I cannot vouch for any noticeable difference yet, but that's the case with all restorative products.. it's hard to measure incremental change on yourself over time. As part of a daily regime with a quality moisturizers and cleansers I absolutely notice a huge difference in the appearance, texture, feel of my skin and a drastic reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Amazing... but I cannot attribute all of this to any one "miracle" product.

I do not use it in the morning because I need to use another serum with a different texture to help prime my skin for make-up.

Amazing Results

Review By:Devon on 6/27/2015


I credit this serum for changing my skin and acne! After using this product I noticed a change in my face. Only after two weeks I had significantly less acne, better skin tone and barely had to use make-up because my skin was/is that good thanks to this serum. It's the only beauty essential I can never be without! If you buy or try one product this would be the one!

Great for oily skin

Review By:Stephanie on 6/17/2015


I can feel my skin getting tighter as I put it on, it feels great! Make sure to use with moisturizer too or it might be too drying

A Must Have!

Review By:Stephanie on 6/16/2015


This is a must have for your morning routine! I use this after the Green Apple Cleansing Gel. I live in California because of the heat and sun exposure I feel that this vitamin and antioxidant serum is a necessity. I am 22 years old with sensitive normal skin and an oily T-Zone. This serum helps to make my skin softer, more even, and makes makeup glide on more easily!! I love Juice Beauty and this product is one of their bests!

less visible lines

Review By:Donna on 6/11/2015


After using this product for about 2 months now, and being in my mid fifties, the lines and wrinkles have been bothersome to me and I can really notice a visible difference in their appearance. The serum is incredibly light, nourishing and beneficial. All you need is a little bit dabbed and blended after a spritz of toner. For me it's a necessary part of my daily skincare regimen!


Review By:Melba on 6/11/2015


Love this serum. It is a staple in my skin care regime. This and the Stem Cell Moisturizer are must haves for me! Living in FL with the extreme heat and sun exposure I feel this vitamin packed serum is a necessity. I am by no means a sun worshiper but even being outside for short periods in 90 degree full sun (which is the norm here!) can be very damaging. This serum is the antidote to it! I use it morning and night and if I've been outside for long periods I'll use it again during the day. My skin need this serum! I'm a walking build board for this serum and tell everyone I know about it!!

Antioxidant Serum

Review By:Gay on 6/11/2015


This serum goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. Only a small amount goes a long way. Love it!

Rating is for customer service, not the product

Review By:Elizabeth on 6/1/2015


This product is pretty good, I've been using it for years now. I wouldn't say I've noticed a dramatic difference, but it feels like I'm doing something good for my skin. I wish there were an area to rate Juice Beauty's customer service, because that is why I gave the 1 star rating. My package was lost due to a post office error, and in the past when this has happened, EVERY other company I've dealt with re-sends the package no questions asked. They file a claim with the shipper, and deal with it on their end. I was told by a JB representative that I had to file the claim because they aren't able to (which is definitely not true), and had a generally curt demeanor when speaking to me, offering no help at all. Dealing with the post office is even less pleasant than dealing with her..(already been on hold for 10 mins). When I order over 100 dollars worth of products from a company, I expect them to make sure I receive my package, and am satisfied. Most companies feel the same way. Guess I'll look elsewhere for my organic skincare needs.

Sticky face....

Review By:Kate on 5/8/2015


I used this for several weeks as instructed after cleansing and putting my moisturizer over it.

Makes my face kind of sticky? Not sure how to describe it. I feel like it glides over but doesn't sink in and make my face soft, just sticky. When my moisturizer is over it that's when it feels way too heavy. I have to be in the mood to deal with the way this stuff feels. Once in a while I'll use it before bed but I don't notice a difference in skin texture or lines by the morning.

A little goes a long way but that's about it. I would say what's keeping me from purchasing again is the texture when it's on my face.

Responsible for GREATNESS

Review By:Jennaputt on 4/28/2015


I think this serum combined with the Apple Daily Moisturizer (along with the Sheer SPF) are responsible for my skin changing drastically for the better. I use this serum morning and night and I'm noticing less clogged pores (not gone but better), smoother, softer skin and better tone/overall quality. My little fine lines are less noticeable and I feel fresh/dewy and not irritated right after using this. I kind of LOVE it and I'm excited to see what consistent use will accomplish! I think I'm going to buy the entire Apple line once this is gone!

Good Product

Review By:Annie on 4/13/2015


I really like this serum. Moisturizes really well, also helps with blemishes and pimples. I do not even use moisturizer any more as I have oily skin. Overall, I recommend this product and will continue using it.

Miracle Juice

Review By:Amani on 3/5/2015


I usually don't write reviews but for this product I had to for others to know about this magic potion! I have been using this product for several years now. And I can't leave the house without soft, supple and full of full of life. The serum immediately gives me a glow and overnight it works like magic. In the morning, my blemishes and pimples vanish. I've never seen any product work like this on my face. I hope they never change the formula!!! There is no comparison. It's worth every cent!


Review By:Amanda on 11/4/2014


I'm 23, but my skin has become very sensitive, weak and dry due to harsh prescription acne products I was on for a period of time. I still break out from every now and then, but not enough to get me to use the blemish clearing serum. anyway, This is one of the very few serums that do keep my skin moisturized. I didn't realize how much it was doing for my skin until I finished the bottle and switched to something else (that costs a lot more too).
with any other products, my skin just isn't as moisturized and refined. as with any other products, there is no immediate "wow", but it does soften, brighten and firm the skin with continued use. The only thing I wasn't happy with was the fact that it took a bit longer to absorb, but that is honestly to be expected from organic/all natural skincare products.

Love This Product

Review By:sholst on 10/25/2014


I have been using this for about three months. I have noticed my eyelashes look thicker and fuller. I'm assuming this product may have something to do with it since nothing else in my beauty routine has changed. This feels lovely to put on and absorbs into my skin nicely. Great for my sensitive skin.

Just ok

Review By:angie on 10/21/2014


It felt nice on my skin but I didn't notice any results or difference after using it daily for 6 months.


Review By:Alexandra on 9/21/2014


I got this as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. I'm always nervous to try something new on my skin because it can be very sensitive, but this stuff changed my skin completely! It moisturizes my skin completely and soothed any itchy dryness I had before. Every time I put this on my skin I get a glowy complexion, which everyone notices and compliments!:) Thank you juice beauty for all of your amazing products!!!!!

A Must Have Facial/Neck Product!!!

Review By:Elisa on 9/19/2014


This organic antioxidant serum, I tell you, it is by far one of the best I've ever put my hands on. Just by touching it, one knows the quality is grand! It is real smooth, and with just a bit it is exactly the way it goes onto ones entire face/neck and feels all day long. The other day a sister of mine greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and was like, "WOW, your face feels soft and looks a lot brighter/cleaner." "It's my new serum, I told her." ; ) And yes! She was right, my skin has gotten a lot brighter/cleaner ever since using this product and the best is, it happened in just a few days of using it. Not only has it given me these results, but in, the not even a month of usage, I have noticed a decrease in some lines I had forming on my forehead, around my eyes and nose. I use this serum day and night right after the juice beauty cleansing milk soap and toner. I most definitely and sincerely recommend it, along with all of their other great organic facial products! : )

Love it!

Review By:Kimberly on 9/11/2014


This stuff works great and actually helps the Nutrient rich moisturizer absorb into your skin better.. It doesn't leave you greasy or anything and i am prone to oily skin.

Love It!

Review By:shirley b on 9/9/2014


This serum is wonderful! Without a doubt minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It gives my skin a smoother, more youthful appearance! This is the first product I've EVER used that I can say I notice a definitive difference in my skin. I love it and will always use it! I put it on under one of juice beauty's moisturizers, its amazing :)

Just amazing!

Review By:Jessica on 9/9/2014


I use this every night after using the blemish clearing cleanser and I wake up with wonderful skin every morning. I've noticed it has helped with the occasional acne I get. I love how you only need a little bit and it goes a long way. The softness and hydrated feel to my skin is amazing! Being in my early 20's I really want to take care of my skin and use the best organic and natural skincare to do that and Juice Beauty is what I turn to. Wonderful line for many skin types and ages.

Acne oily sensitive skin

Review By:Carla on 9/8/2014


I love this serum! My skin looks smooth and clean. My skin looked dull before using this and now my skin look radiant. My skin is acne prone so I can not use it everyday.


Review By:Jan Evans on 9/8/2014


Smooth, creamy, light and nourishing ,lovely.

The perfect serum!

Review By:Azzie on 9/8/2014


Unless you are hyper-sensitive, this is the perfect serum! It's loaded with anti-oxidants to fight aging, natural oils to nourish, and wonderful anti-aging ingredients... If I have any little nicks on the skin (imagine blowing your nose too much), I can definitely feel the tingle on those spots - maybe that's why it wouldn't be best for the super sensitive crowd. I love this! I use it twice a day after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Best serum

Review By:Monica on 9/8/2014


This serum is the best I have tried. I've been using it for years. It is packed with vitamins for your skin. Makes the fine lines fade, and gives a healthy glow to skin.A little goes a long way. Never stop making this product!


Review By:kelly on 9/8/2014


Love this serum! I've been using it for about 2 years now and my skin looks great. My gave is sensitive and this product is the first serum to be gentle enough to not break me out in hives or worse. My skin tone and texture looks great!


Review By:Alyssa Hamilton on 4/30/2014


I used this product, and about five minutes later my face started tingling ad felt warm. I looked in the mirror and my face was deep deep red. I washed the product off and it took around two hours for my skin color to go back to normal.

I'm buying this again.

Review By:Yonan on 4/27/2014


I wish I have the full bottle of this serum because I was using the small sample that I was using for 2 years, and little comes a long way just for one annoying scar on my face! I never took it every day, but I can say this serum minimize my ice-pick scare, which is not noticeable as much. I'm not as annoyed how large the scar is anymore either.

If I use the serum everyday my scar would be gone, completely. But the scar is so small now that even my friend noticed the difference! I know for a fact it was from the peptide in the ingredients that built skin cells in my scar.

Thank you Beauty Juice, really made me feel better about my skin.


Review By:Roslynn on 3/22/2014


My face was dry with red patches and bad breakouts but after I bought this in the Organics to Go kit, it really helped smooth out my skin and made it soft and supple. Though when I lost this product and didn't use it for a week my skin resumed to its normalcy and was dry again, and I have suffered horrible breakouts. Overall, this is a good product, but it isn't good for treating acne only dry sensitive skin.

Feeding my skin ♡

Review By:Taniele on 1/30/2014


I absolutely love the feeling of this serum and all the benefits that go along with it! It's great to feed my skin as I feed my body! The best, best, best!

in love!

Review By:Michaella on 1/30/2014


I tried this serum and I fell absolutely in love! What a huge difference it makes! I have never been much of a serum girl, but I decided to try this serum after a conversation I had with a girlfriend about serums. I fell in love right away! It is so nourishing on the skin. My skin feels more moisturized and is radiant. I have a nice glow and my skin just isnt like it used to be. I have tried other serums as well but this one takes the cake! I love Juice Beauty! Thanks for making such amazing products!

BEST Antioxidant Serum Ever!

Review By:Christina on 1/28/2014


My skin just loves this serum! It's the best one I've ever used and I highly recommend it!!

My Secret Weapon...

Review By:Kelley on 1/28/2014


If I could give this a 10 drop rating, I would!

I was first hesitant about using this serum due to my sensitive and stubborn acne-prone skin (yes, still at 25!). I'm so glad I bit the bullet and purchased this serum. I have never seen such results with any OTC acne product...and I have tried many over the years. I have never heard my mother tell me how much better my skin is and I have never seen my skin clear up the way it has while using this serum. I really think it's my secret weapon against acne. Just one week of not using it opened the flood gates of nasty breakouts that made two healthcare professionals ask if I wanted to go on Accutane! Now, a week and a half later of using the serum religiously, my breakouts are healing and nothing new is coming up! I know this serum is marketed as an anti-aging miracle (I don't doubt that), but I think it's an all around must-have to nourish your skin. Thanks, Juice Beauty!

Fantastic Serum!

Review By:Maria on 1/23/2014


I just recently started using Juice Beauty and I couldn't be happier! This serum is wonderful, light weight and makes your skin look healthy and awake. The best part is that is good for you too!

Healing for the Skin and Spirit!

Review By:Evelyn on 1/15/2014


I started using the antioxidant serum and other Juice Beauty products in 2008 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The serum brought a glow back to my skin following the cancer treatments and helped me feel beautiful during a difficult journey. I've only used Juice Beauty products on my skin for the past six years and my skin looks amazing. I highly recommend the products to women of all ages. Thanks Juice Beauty!

Do yourself a favor and buy this product!

Review By:Sara on 1/15/2014


I have been using this product for sox months now and am blown away by its effects! Age spots, wrinkles, size of pores all reduced. I can see a difference if I'm not using the "juice" (e.g., on vacation and stuck with crummy travel products). The aroma is minimal and all the nutrients pack a punch, all to keep you looking, and ultimately feeling, your best. Bonus: don't let the price tag scare you, the product lasts a very long time.


Review By:Erica on 1/11/2014


This is a great addition to my regime. I put a little on before my moisturizer and I feel it instantly firm my skin. Its really light weight and not greasy.


Review By:Karla on 1/11/2014


I love this serum. It's a great basic serum that helps skin overall. Effective and simple. Not much more needed to be said!

Nothing else compares!

Review By:April on 1/10/2014


I am so grateful that I found Juice Beauty! I was desperately searching for something to minimize my wrinkles as the products I had tried and were using were basically USELESS. I was fed up. Always preferring the more natural products (but I tried plenty others, too) I stumbled upon Juice Beauty in my local Whole Foods. I decided to give their Antioxidant Serum a try. I can happily say that after a good 4 or more years of using this product that it is the most awesome and fabulous wrinkle reduce EVER! Seriously! I'm 51 and you would NOT know it. This product GREATLY reduces wrinkles. As I said, it's going on at least 4 years now and the product still consistently produces great results. I highly recommend this Antioxidant Serum! The ingredients are so good for your skin. You can't go wrong. Go for it!

Smooth Delectable Bliss

Review By:hsu973 on 1/10/2014


I am 62 year old Asian female, and have been a follower of organics, both in food and personal products for many years. When my sister introduced me to Juice Beauty, I was overjoyed! Other products I could put on my skin without worrying if it contained hidden ingredients that would shell-shock my body. I chose this serum for under my moisturizer because it makes my skin feel smooth and soft. I wear a combination of coconut oil, aloe as moisturizer since I live in FL. I love Juice Beauty products in general and wished they had been around when I was younger, but better late than never.

Antioxidant Serum

Review By:Janice Falk on 1/10/2014


I've been using Juice Beauty for several years. All of their products are exceptional, but my favorite is the Antioxidant Serum. I usually put it on before going to bed, and in the morning my skin not only feels softer and smoother, but also looks clearer and brighter. It can be used around the eyes, and I've noticed that it helps eliminate dark shadows and fine lines. Finally, it's very gentle and has a soothing effect on my skin.

So soft and hydrating!

Review By:FT on 1/10/2014


I have always had trouble finding products suitable for my skin. With Juice Beauty, I can't get enough! I have been using the antioxidant serum twice daily and absolutely loving it. It is hydrating without feeling oily--it literally feels like my skin is waking up after I apply it. Thanks JB :)

A favorite

Review By:Joyce on 1/10/2014


I love the texture and smell of this serum. My skin just drinks it in. I feel like I am nourishing my skin, and leaves me with a healthy glow. I use it everyday.

Kind to My Ultra Sensitive Skin

Review By:LuvlyDramaLady on 1/10/2014


I have the kind of skin that is so sensitive that if you look at it funny, it breaks out. I have to be very careful with what products engage with my skin. I generally stick to basic ingredients and DIY concoctions but it's really not possible to make an effective Vitamin C Serum on your own. I know I need Vitamin C but was a bit scared because my normally oily skin had become dry this season. I mean really dry. Using the Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum, especially in combination with the Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk as a Cleanser before and the Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer afterward. The organic ingredients and the ethical use of them certainly agrees with my ultra sensitive skin and has benefited my complexion immensely. Juice Beauty treats my sensitive skin so kindly.

Great Extra Protection!!

Review By:Jessica on 9/30/2013


I found this website because it has been recommended by several fabulous nutritionists who are concerned with not only what we put in our bodies but what we are putting on our skin! I do a great deal of research on these kinds of products myself and am very impressed with these ingredients. Both what you eat AND how you protect exposed skin are a must for looking and feeling your best. The oils are wonderful in this product and it feels terrific on. Remember, this is not a moisturizer- it is a protective layer from free radicals that you can put underneath your moisturizer. I enjoy wearing this as extra protection before I put on my organic sweet almond oil (my moisturizer). I wait a few minutes after applying the serum and almond oil and then follow up with sunblock. I am 23 years old happy with my very fair skin :) Additional tip - make sure to reapply sunblock at least once during the day to keep your skin looking youthful!

Great serum

Review By:Jessica on 1/20/2013


I just turned 23 and realized that I need to put more effort and care into my skin. I started using this serum yesterday and it is absolutely amazing! I have very sensitive skin and have tried all kind of products. This serum is great, it's hydrating and feels great. I also love how you can put it over your eyes. Honestly, I'm hooked on juice beauty! I cannot wait to complete my skin care routine with more juice products. It feels great knowing I'm taking care of my skin as well as being healthy about it! This serum is perfect :) thank you juice beauty for finding a serum that works on my sensitive skin!

All I can say is wow!

Review By:Stacil on 11/30/2012


Well I did brought the gift one and I wish I got the full one! I'm telling you, the one ice-pick scar that I have on my face for 5 years which bring too much attention on my face which I felt embarrassed to have and felt very depressed... I can not believe that this little scar I have is fading and some of the smaller ones are really fading away and I cant believe it and I analyze my face everyday and notice the progess!!! I did not know it was supposed to do that!?! People would say oh well this is permanent Hmmm well um, this serum proved those negative people in my life wrong! Thank you so much Juice Beauty for giving a honest, high quality, affordable product... Thank you so much. I will buy this full bottle in the near future...

Love, Love, Love this!

Review By:CW on 6/24/2011


I've tried so many products for 40 something skin... dull, tired, thining skin, and this serum is the best I've tried. I love that it doesn't have this strong perfume smell and it's very light on the skin. I don't like thick, greasy creams on my face.
I noticed a rapid improvement in the way my skin looked. I have smile lines on my face which I can't stand and it really helped the look of those and hydrated my skin very nicely. I won't be without this serum and moisturizer. Thanks Juice Beauty!!!

I'm hooked!

Review By:Joy on 2/8/2011


After I gave birth with my second child, my skin literally changed!The products that used to be perfect for my skin just didn't work. I spent hundreds of dollars for skin products including those high end Japanese skin regimens because I thought it will work on my Asian skin. My sister's classmate told her about juice because her aunt uses them for years and worked wonders on her. I tried the kit and used the nutrient moisturizer on top of the serum and I'm hooked!!!! MY SKIN IS A HUNDRED PERCENT BETTER IN 3 DAYS!!! 3 DAYS!!! Unbelievable! Fine lines were much less and my skin is glowing! Love it!

I didn't want to like it but...

Review By:MAChicago on 1/27/2011


As with other reviewers, this product was recommended to me by a salesperson at Whole Foods. I am a devoted user of other high-end, low-toxin brands because they are the only products that cleared up my mild but persistent adult acne. I was VERY hesitant to try something new, for fear of breaking out. But at half the price of Suki and Dr. Hauschka treatments, I figured I'd give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did. My skin feels and looks so good, I almost feel like it's a placebo effect. Could anything really be this effective? Yes!! I'm turning 40 this year, and now that I've found Juice Beauty...bring it on!!

Love this stuff!

Review By:texasblue on 9/2/2010


I have used this for about 2 years now. Whenever it comes time to buy a new bottle (only about twice a year!) I rethink whether it is worth it, but it definitely is. My face has never been so clear and blemish free as when I use it. I use it after every face wash without fail, along with the oil free moisturizer. It lasts a long time, feels great, looks great, and will continue to be on my daily regime!

I got compliments...

Review By:deb on 8/13/2010


I'm 55 with really sensitive skin. After using this serum for a while I actually got compliments from people at work who asked..."what do you use? you look great!". Let me also say that I've always taken care of my skin, stayed out of the sun so I'm not new to skin care products...Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum is the best of the all!

My skin loves this product!

Review By:Tedeo on 7/24/2010


At 46, my skin is suddenly changing very rapidly - becoming papery and wrinkly. I went to WebMD to see what really helps skin regain elasticity and firmness. Then I went to my local Whole Foods to see if anything had all those ingredients. Only this product had EVERYTHING the docs say my skin needs. So I shelled out the money, and I have to say, I really like it. Especially in combination with the moisturizer. My skin feels so much better.

A Miracle Product!

Review By:surella on 3/16/2010


I got a sample of this stuff at Whole Foods and I always try samples so I put this on at night before going to sleep. After two days my skin seemed tighter and I thought " this can't be" but it was.
I ran out and bought the product and my skin is amazing. I'm 55 years old so I had a wrinkle or two, but I swear some of them are gone! Plus I am very chemically sensitive and this stuff is pure and safe!
Love it, love it, love it!
Thanks, Surella

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Our Difference - Why Juice?

Why Juice?

The difference? Instead of conventional beauty formulations that dilute with added water or use petroleum derivatives such as butylene or propylene glycols that can be laced with potentially harmful chemicals, Juice Beauty’s chemists start with an organic botanical juice base and then add powerful skin care and makeup ingredients. Formulations packed with nutrients so every antioxidant-rich drop can feed your skin.

Radically Transforming the Chemistry of Beauty

Advanced high potency ingredients
Vitamin C and fruit stem cells, phyto-pigments, vegetable hyaluronic acid, peptides, algae, grapeseed, and natural essentials oils.

Proprietary base of nutrient-rich certified organic botanical juices
Instead of petroleum byproducts or water fillers.

Powerful action formulated without
Parabens, petroleum, pesticides, propylene or butylene glycols, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, silicones, dimethicones, coal tar, gluten, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances.

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