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    Blemish Clearing Serum

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    Green Apple Peel

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    Blemish Clearing Serum

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    Blemish Clearing Serum

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    Organics to Clear Skin

Customer Reviews

Best skin care routine

Review By:Carla on 9/10/14


I have oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. This skin care routine has cleared up my skin, made it smoother, and more radiant. The products keeps my skin from becoming oily. This is the best skin care products I have ever used. I would recommend this product to anyone who has issues with acne.

I wish I would have found this product line soo...

Review By:Kristen on 9/8/14


You have nothing to lose except more days with clearer skin! I would recommend buying this entire product line, especially if you struggle with hormonal breakouts like I do...or like I did! I've been using this line for the past 2 months and noticed a change within the first week of use, and it's just gotten better from there! Also, knowing that Juice Beauty products are non-toxic and skin friendly makes it that much better.

Glowing in AZ

Review By:Khaikam Av on 9/8/14


I am glad I found Juice Beauty! I was going through hormonal/adult acne this past summer, and was fortunate to come across Juice Beauty Clear Skin! Its amazing, not harsh and Organics!! I love all the products!!! Also, love their products is safe to you use on kids which is an A+!


Review By:Tori on 9/8/14


I have had trouble with acne for years, my mom bought me this product cause at the time we were trying everything!!! Literally everything, but now all I use is this, it has cleared up my acne 100% and leaves my skin smooth and glowing. Believe me you won't be disappointed, try it!!

Best product line for my skin

Review By:Tanya on 7/16/14


I'm 23 and have had confidence issues due to my acne. To be honest, it was not that could have been worse, but the breakouts and dark spots that were left behind caused me to hide behind makeup constantly and I felt as though everyone noticed my imperfections. I have been using Juice Beauty for 2 months now and am so happy with my skin. I use the Organics to Clear Skin 30 Day Kit paired with the Blemish Clearing Powder, and I use the Perfecting Foundation and Refining Finishing Powder as makeup. My skin is even, less red, has less dark spots and breakouts. These results are better than those I received from previous treatments that included medicines and chemicals, and the results came without burning, drying, and cracking of my skin. I am very happy with Juice Beauty and will continue to use their face line and makeup.

Patience was Key

Review By:Heather on 3/26/14


Like so many people who have provided reviews, I was really hoping for fantastic results when I started using this kit. I was a little disappointed at first, because I really didn't see any changes and actually started feeling like my acne was getting worse. However, after trying so many different products with the same outcome, I decided to just stick it out and see if it would get better as the product promised. The patience actually did pay off - after about a month and a half to two months, I noticed that my skin was clearing. I've used the product for about five months now and have to say that my skin looks much better than it has with any other products. I still get the occasional hormonal pimple, but am able to clear it up so much faster than before. The thing that has impressed me the most is that it cleared up all the tiny pimples I constantly had under my jawline and neck that were so annoying! So, I would encourage everyone starting out on the kit to give it enough time to see what happens.


Review By:Anne on 3/3/14


You Have produced an AMAZING PRODUCT --- THANKS --- :)


Review By:The VEGAN on 2/27/14


I have struggled with acne since I hit puberty, and let me tell you I have tried more than enough of those chemically laced, over-advertised products and nothing has done the trick in a safe and healthy way until now. But when I become health conscious I discovered this amazing product and fell in love. It has given me relief from my normal breakouts and has calmed my hormonal acne flare ups. A definite must!

Fantastic Kit!

Review By:Maria on 1/28/14


Even though I just got this, I can feel the difference from other products I've used to treat my breakouts. My face feels clean, smooth and fresh, not super tight, dry and irritated as it does with other treatments. I just know this will work for me, I feel it! I also love the sizes since I will only use when needed, this set works perfect for me, so glad I purchased.

I Have A Healthy Obsession With This!

Review By:Kriss on 1/28/14


I am so grateful for Juice Beauty! I have been really addicted with buying their products but this one is pretty much one of my favorites. I now can't live without it. It helped with my acne and keeps it away! I also love the refreshed feeling it gives my face. I've been using this for a few months now and my skin hasn't ever looked healthier. I couldn't ask for more of a blessing then this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I wish Juice Beauty lots of success and am so excited to see what’s next for them.

Acne Fighting System That Works!

Review By:Susan on 1/25/14


This was my 1st purchase from Juice Beauty a few years ago. I have struggled with acne since my teenage years and it continues far into my adulthood. I have tried many OTC drug store products, expensive prescription products from the dermatologist (last tube was over $100!) and ordered the well know infomercial brand and I can honestly say that this regimen from Juice Beauty has worked the best on my oily acne-prone skin! This system cleared my skin and now prevents breakouts. Other products stripped my face and left it dry and irritated which caused my skin to produce more oil that caused more acne. Juice Beauty Organics TO Clear Skin broken that cycle and not only cleared my acne but also healed old acne scars and improved my skin tone. For the first time in my life I can go without make-up!

Wanted It To Work...

Review By:Chelsea on 1/10/14


I wanted this to work for me so bad, unfortunately it didn't at all. I struggled with acne all though my teens, went on meds that cleared me up but now as a 30 yr old adult, its back, hormonal and cystic acne, and I want a more natural product (no meds please!). I love everything that Juice Beauty/Organics to Clear Skin stands for and love the ingredients in each product but I had no results after using this system for 2 months. My skin didn't get better or worse, just stayed the same. So happy for those who've had great luck, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. I'll continue to use JBs other beauty products but I'm still on the search for a good acne product.

Love It

Review By:Jaclyn on 1/17/14


I have been using this kit for a few weeks and have noticed a vast improvement in my skin. Having acne for the first time at 30 is so not cool but after a few days of using this kit I felt like it was under control and my scaring has even gone away. My skin is softer and glowing! Love it, will purchase again.


Review By:Tiffany on 1/10/14


I bought this kit to try out the brand juice beauty and now I can't live without it! I have horrible acne and now my skin has never looked better!

Absolutely Amazing!

Review By:Savannah on 11/2/13


I'm always skeptical to try new things, but being five months pregnant and trying tons of other cleansers and systems, I have finally found a winner! I have had "pregnancy acne" and "acne" for the first time in my life and I could not find anything to get rid of it. Within the short period of time that I have been using Juice Beauty's Organics to Clear Skin Cleansing kit, I have finally found a winner! It's healthy for me, healthy for my baby, and makes my skin look and feel perfect and smooth once again!! So happy I don't have to wear all the cover-up and makeup to hide pimples and zits anymore!