How Does This System Work?

Q: How does Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Solutions regimen attack blemishes?

A: Juice Beauty's organic fruit acids are expertly blended in our Clear Skin regimen to keep your skin exfoliated and clear. Our products are formulated to minimize drying and irritation to help clear your complexion and prevent future blemishes.

Q: Which ingredients in Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Solutions will help clear my skin, bringing it back into healthy looking, beautiful balance?

A: Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Solutions is unique among other blemish systems because we expertly formulate using skin clearing ingredients, including Vitamin C and CoQ10. These ingredients will support your skin to help clear blemishes faster, renew the skin surface and help reduce the appearance of scarring.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: 94% of participants saw definite improvement to complete clearing within 4 weeks!

88% of participants saw definitive to significant enhanced skin tone and texture with the Green Apple Peel treatment immediately.

Our Point Of Difference: Blemish Clearing Solutions Clears While Hydrates

Q: Will the Blemish Clearing Solutions regimen work for my sensitive skin?

A: The Blemish Clearing Solutions system uses organic fruit acids to unclog your pores and even your skin tone and texture without causing redness, drying or stripping that can happen with some of the harsh alternatives found in other leading brands. Blemish Clearing Solutions is the perfect solution for sensitive skin.

Q: Will the Blemish Clearing Cleanser dry my skin?

A: The Blemish Clearing Cleanser contains organic fruit acids with gentle cleansers (no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfate) so it will purify and clarify your skin without irritating or drying it.

Q: Will the Blemish Clearing Serum dry my skin?

A: Although the Blemish Clearing Serum is quite powerful the organic fruit acids will hydrate your skin.

How Often?

Q: Can I use the Green Apple Peel more than once a week?

A: Although our Green Apple Peel is quite powerful, it can be used more than once on a week on very troubled skin up to 2x/week. It is best to use the Green Apple Peel at night. Finish with the Blemish Clearing Serum. This process allows deep penetration and clearing overnight.

Q: How often should I use the Blemish Clearing Serum?

A: Every morning as a spot treatment. Use this Serum in conjunction with our Blemish Clearing Powder, which works well as a daily concealer which further purifies your skin with the power of organic bamboo.

Use every night as an allover blemish prevention treatment.

When To Use

Q: Why should I use the Oil Free Moisturizer? When is it best to use?

A: The Oil Free Moisturizer can increase your skin's hydration by up to 19%, which will can lead to further clearing and to healthy looking, balanced skin. It is best used in the morning or night, as needed.

Q: If I have the Oil-Free Moisturizer, when do I use the SPF 30 Oil-Free Moisturizer?

A: Use the Oil Free SPF 30 Moisturizer after cleansing in the morning by applying to damp skin. This oil-free moisturizer doesn't clog pores; and it protects with chemical-free (zinc), broad spectrum SPF 30.

Q: When do I use the Green Apple Blemish Clearing Peel?

A: This patented organic fruit acid complex with raw cane sugar exfoliates to help reduce breakouts and even skin tone and texture. After cleansing with the Blemish Clearing Cleanser, apply a generous layer to cleansed face, neck and décolleté up to twice weekly (avoiding the eye area).

Q: If I am using the Blemish Clearing Peel, when do I use the Blemish Clearing Mask?

A: Alternate between the two. This weekly treatment will help control oil and clear blemished skin for a fresh, radiant complexion; with purifying clay for deep pore cleansing and organic bamboo to help clear.

Q: How do I include the Blemish Clearing Powder in my Blemish Clearing Solutions regimen? What is the benefit of using bamboo?

A: Juice Beauty's Blemish Clearing Powder is the perfect addition to our Blemish Clearing Solutions regimen. This on the spot powder helps calm and clear. For day wear, use to conceal and cover blemishes. For night, use to calm and clear. Can be used over the Blemish Clearing Serum for optimum results.

Supercharge The Blemish Clearing Process

Q: Is there anything that I can do to speed up the blemish clearing process?

A: Use the Blemish Clearing Green Apple Peel treatment first to exfoliate and open pores and then follow with the Blemish Clearing Mask for ultimate results.

Achieve a Flawless Look

Q: How can I face the day with a flawless look?

A: If you would like an impeccable finished look to face the day, you can use our Perfecting Foundation, Correcting Concealer and Refining Finishing Powder to leave your skin flawless without leading to future breakouts. Avoid petroleum, synthetic dye and fragrance based foundations.


Q: Compared to commonly used acne ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide & alcohol, what are the benefits of organic fruit acids?

A: Organic fruit acids exfoliate your skin without excessive drying. Instead of the potentially harsh drying and irritating effects found with common acne ingredients, organic fruit acids can hydrate, nourish and clear your skin, bringing it back into healthy looking, beautiful balance.

Q: Why should I avoid petroleum ingredients, propylene glycol and dimethicone, that are found in other products? What are the benefits of natural alternatives?

A: Propylene glycol and dimethicone can be occlusive. They are included in many skincare products, yet have no nourishing benefits.

Organic aloe and vegetable glycerin are natural alternatives, which can hydrate and nourish your skin.

Q: Why does Juice Beauty use organic botanical extracts rather than perfume?

A: Juice Beauty's blend of organic botanical extracts is used to give our products an appealing aroma, while also offering benefits to your skin. Our blend of dandelion, sage, green tea and lemon balm will help purify, balance oil/sebum production, clear and soothe your skin. Perfume ingredients are common allergens, which may cause your skin to become irritated.

Q: What gives the Blemish Clearing Serum its unique aroma?

A: A blend of organic purifying botanicals, including dandelion & sage.

Customer Service

Q: How much does shipping cost for the Blemish Clearing Solutions 30-day Kit or Blemish Clearing Solutions 90-day Deluxe Regimen?

A: To receive free shipping on your Blemish Clearing Solution kit, you must subscribe to Auto-replenishment. Creating a subscription is easy; it can be done while browsing on a product page or while reviewing items in the shopping cart. To subscribe, simply select the Auto-Replenishment option for your desired product, select your preferred delivery frequency, and then check out as normal. Please click here to learn more about Auto-Replenishment.

Q: I've been using the Blemish Clearing Solutions kit for a few weeks now and I'm not seeing my desired results. What do I do now?

A: We stand by our commitment to clear skin in 30 days. If your skin does not appear clearer, please email customer service at clearskin@juicebeauty.com for regimen tips. If for any reason you are still not satisfied, simply return the unused portion of your products within 30 days of receipt for a full refund. Please click here to view our Return Policy.

Q: How does the auto ship program work?

Auto-Replenishment is the most convenient way to enjoy your favorite products and never run out of your beauty necessities. We automatically send you the products you subscribed to based upon your chosen frequency. The program is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes online whenever you need. Just tell us how often you want your products, and we’ll take it from there. With each order, you receive 5% off + FREE SHIPPING. To learn more about Auto-replenishment including how to subscribe, modify or cancel, click here.

Every Juice Beauty order comes with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

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